What is catch?

What Does catch Mean

Retention is a concept with several uses. In some countries , the term is used to refer to the position that allows to supervise or carry out a certain control . For example: "When we arrived at the checkpoint, they asked us for our documents and only later did they allow us to move on" , "We were detained at a checkpoint for two hours", "The police set up a checkpoint to control the vehicles entering and leaving the city" .

An example of a checkpoint is found at the checkpoints that exist at the entrance to a football stadium . Before people can enter, they must go through a checkpoint where a police officer or other security agent reviews them carefully and following different protocols, to verify that they do not enter the premises with weapons or alcoholic beverages, to name two of the objectives of this type of security procedures.

In the military context , the checkpoint is a troop that serves as the reinforcement of a military post at certain particular times. This allows to improve custody at night or on another occasion that requires some type of special measure.
The piece that prevents something or that serves as a replacement for something else is also called a retainer. In engines and boxes that have to have permanent lubrication, the seal is the part that prevents the loss of lubricant from internal combustion engines or gearboxes to the outside. Thanks to the seal, the service life of the various engine components is extended by minimizing the possibility of damage to the device .
The seals are installed with special tools so that they can be correctly positioned in place without damaging the lip , and they are held in place with spring washers known as circlip (also known as Seeger ). The lips of a seal are each of the parts that protrude from its inner ring, each end of the gutter that can be seen if you look at it from its center outwards.
To place a seal it is very important to lubricate it properly, in order to reduce friction at the time of sliding of the piece , and for this you can use oil or grease. Thanks to this preventive measure, both the surface on which it rests and your lips are protected; This is an essential step, which must be carried out with the utmost precision, as a slight error can cause serious problems once the machine is put into operation.
In general, the seal is made of a synthetic rubber compound , a material that has the property of returning to its original size after withstanding considerable elastic deformation , something that is not the case with most alternatives.

Pumps and turbochargers also take advantage of seal-like parts called mechanical seals and are constructed of metal, graphite, or ceramic (or a combination of some of these materials) to avoid complications that occur when rubber is subjected to solvents or temperatures. high. The turbines and machines used for the movement of solids in powder or grain use seals to prevent particles coming from the outside.
In other words, the use of the seal can have two basic objectives: that some essential element for the correct operation of a machine, such as the lubricating liquid, escapes; harmful particles entering and damaging an engine. Although both ends seem opposite, they do not seek anything other than to preserve the integrity of a structure that can only operate correctly if certain rules are followed.

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