What is Catalogue?

What Does Catalogue Mean

The Greek word katlogos , which can be translated as "list," came to Latin as catalŏgus . This is where the term catalog comes from : a record that presents, in an orderly manner, descriptions and general data of individuals, objects, documents or other things that maintain some type of link between them.

For example: "I'm going to see in the catalog if we have any books by that author" , "According to the catalog, these pants are available in black, white, blue and green" , "For years I lived on the income I obtained thanks to the sale by catalog ” .
Catalogs are intended to facilitate access to a certain item. A library , to cite one case, may have a digital catalog with information about its books, including the location of each copy. In this way, when a person asks about the availability of a book, the librarian can consult the catalog to find out if the work in question is part of the library and where it is deposited.

Many businesses also have catalogs for searching their products . These catalogs can be delivered to potential buyers so that they themselves know the commercial offer of the establishment. A cell phone manufacturer (mobile) can distribute catalogs with all its models, prices and how to buy them.
This type of commercial catalog must be established that it becomes an essential element for companies and commercials who sell their products. Specifically, in this document, in order to achieve the best results, the following aspects that we indicate must be collected: -

Photographs of each and every one of the products must appear.

-In the same way, each product must contain a brief description. Specifically, it must collect from its composition to its dimensions, going through details of the manufacturing process, the color ...
However, depending on the type of article, diagrams and drawings of the article can also be included, graphics about the functions it performs, instructions to proceed with its assembly, the after-sales service that exists ...
More and more companies do not hesitate to have a digital catalog. If they do, it is because they consider that it brings with it a long list of advantages, among which we highlight the following:

-It is easier, faster and more effective to reach the client and, in addition, to a greater number of clients. And it is that any of these can be consulted online.

-Gives the possibility to enter more information about each article.

-It saves time and money for the customer because they will not have to go to the physical store itself to see the products. You can directly view and consult them at home through a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

-In addition, the visual impact is more forceful on the client.
There is a commercial modality, on the other hand, which is known as catalog sales . It is a system based on the delivery of catalogs for the buyer to select the products and request them by telephone or Internet . After placing the order and defining the payment method, the person receives their purchase at their home.

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