What is carrier?

What Does carrier Mean

"The one who carries." This is the meaning as is of the term carrier, which derives from Latin, since it is the result of the sum of two elements:

The verb “portare”, which can be translated as “carry”.

The suffix “-dor”, which is synonymous with “agent”.

The carrier term asadjective , it is the qualification of that or that which transports or transfers something from one place to another.
The notion is often used as a noun to name the human or animal that, in its body , harbors an infectious agent . The carrier does not have the disease in question developed, but can infect it.
An individual, therefore, can be a carrier during the incubation period of a disease or when it does not present clinical evidence in the body of the subject. This means that the person can be a carrier for a certain time or chronically.

The concept of carrier can be understood with respect to HIV . Whoever is a carrier of this virus is capable of transmitting AIDS , even without having developed this disease. This means that the person who is a carrier of HIV does not have AIDS.
It should not be overlooked either that carrier is a noun that is used to define a table with a handle that is used to carry different dishes on it.
And it is not necessary to forget that bearer is the person who has a series of commercial or similar values ​​that are identified by the fact that they are not nominative in nature.
Likewise, it is necessary to bear in mind that in the field of electronics there are what are known as majority carriers. This is the name given to those particles, of a quantum type, that are responsible for the transport of what electric current is and that are characterized because they are found in large numbers in a material that is not only semiconductor but is also doped.
Related to the former is the concept of cargo carrier. This is a term that is used to refer to the particle that is not only free but also carries a certain electrical charge.
The check to the carrier , moreover, is one that can charge any person only have this document or title. This means that the bearer check does not stipulate the name of the collector, so it can be given to a third person as a means of payment. For example: "The new client paid me with a check made out to the bearer, so tomorrow I take it to the supplier and we pay off the debt . "
Within the field of music there is a song that precisely says that "check to the bearer". It is “Consumer skin” by Ricardo Arjona, which reads like this: “… Consumer skin, I don't join, I am more than a bearer check”.
Finally, “Carriers” is the title by which “Carriers” , a horror film that premiered in 2009, was known in some Latin American countries. The story shows the progress of a lethal virus worldwide.

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