What is caress?

What Does caress Mean

The first thing we are going to do before entering fully into the meaning of the term caress is its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that comes from Italian, exactly from “carezza” which is the result of the sum of two clearly delimited components:

-The adjective “expensive”, which is equivalent to “dear”.

-The suffix “-ezza”, which is used to indicate “quality”.

The concept refers to a demonstration of affection that takes place by touching the body of another human being or an animal with the hand .
The caresses can consist of a touch of the hand on the face, on the arm or on the back, to name a few possibilities. This expression of affection can be linked to a kiss or a hug , although it can have multiple connotations.

For example: "When I was a child and I was sad, the only thing that consoled me was the caresses of my grandmother" , "I do not want your caresses at this moment: I am angry" , "My dog ​​loves caresses" .
It can be said that a caress is an affective manifestation . When one person caresses another, they are conveying that they are aware of them or that they care. That is why caressing is an action that one subject develops but that has its most important effect on another.
According to how they develop, the caresses can be very different. A mother can pat her child on the cheek to make him stop crying, while a teacher can pat a student on the head to congratulate him on his good academic performance. There are also, among adults, sexual or intimate caresses : acts that are developed to obtain and / or promote sexual pleasure, without penetration.
It must be established that caresses are considered to have enormous power to be able to get the people who give them and who receive them to improve their mood. So much so that there are curious facts about it, such as these:

-It is considered that those who do not receive caresses during their early childhood become adults with a negative reaction to them. Specifically, it has been established that their brains will resent this circumstance and will have problems knowing how to manage them when they are given to them.

-The caresses are so important that this is perceived, especially in the cases of newborns who have to remain admitted to the hospital for some health circumstance. In these situations, it is considered that skin-to-skin contact with their parents and their caresses will greatly help them to recover and overcome adversity.
Lastly, caresses can be symbolic and consist of praise , flattery and expressions of love or recognition: “This award is a caress for me” , “The priest's words were a caress to the soul” , “The extension of the contract was a caress for the experienced player ” .

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