What is careful?

What Does careful Mean

Care is the action of caring (preserve, save, conserve, assist). Caring involves helping yourself or another living being, trying to increase their well-being and prevent them from suffering any harm. It is also possible to take care of objects (such as a house) to prevent incidents such as damage and theft from occurring.

For example: "I can't go out tonight: I promised to take care of my little brother" , "Caring for the sick is one of the noblest activities a person can do" , "I think I'm not ready to have children under my care ” .
The patient care involves controlling your state with a certain regularity. If a person is hospitalized, the individual who cares for him must be attentive to, in the event of any complication, call a doctor or the corresponding professional; in addition, it may be necessary to assist you during your intakes and to help you during your personal hygiene, depending on the severity of your condition.

In the case of childcare , it is an activity that must be carried out by an adult who can act responsibly in the event of any contingency. Children must be controlled in their daily games and activities to prevent them from injuring themselves and putting their own lives at risk .
Taking care of a house requires several actions : on the one hand, depending on the needs and customs of each person, a minimum of hygiene and order must be maintained; On the other hand, as mentioned in the first paragraph, it is essential to protect it from thieves and vandals, especially in cities.
Be careful, finally, it can be a warning or a threat : "Beware of that man: he is drunk and he is very aggressive" , "Be careful when crossing the street" , "If you install a new program, you must be careful to avoid viruses ” .
Health care tips
Do exercise
The game physical, which can be done through the practice of a sport or walking or running every day, is the key to maintaining the vitality, since working with the tone and strength of our muscles, while we away from the dangerous extreme sedentary lifestyle. To obtain the best results, consistency and frequency are essential : a minimum of three weekly sessions, seeking to feel attracted to the activities to avoid abandonment due to boredom.
Get adequate rest
The rest is essential for a healthy lifestyle and balanced. First of all, we should all sleep between seven and eight hours a day, to achieve a correct recovery of our muscles after daily activities and physical exercise. Among the advantages of sleep are a more effective oxygenation and greater care of all organs, which affects a better functioning of our body.

Five meals a day
Not many people are aware that going hungry, skipping one of the essential meals or eating less, is one of the worst mistakes we can make if we seek to be fit and perform adequately in our daily activities. The ideal number of intakes per day is five, trying to be moderate servings ; the objective is not to eat more, but to distribute the necessary quantity as many times as possible.
Eat fruit and vegetables
The vegetarian diet is the best for our health , and it is essential to be in shape. Among its advantages is its high fibrous content, which helps purify the body. Fruits, meanwhile, are a great source of vitamins and minerals that are essential for our well-being.
No stress
There is no exact formula to avoid stress , a path that leads us all to inner peace. But it is important, very important to find a way to reduce the level of tension generated by our activities, because it is possible (and considerably healthier) to live calmly despite problems, trying to solve them but preventing them from taking over us.

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