What is care?

What Does care Mean

The dedication is the dedication and care that a person gets to perform an action successfully. When someone acts with care, they do so seeking perfection, minimizing the possibility of making mistakes.

For example: “I never attended cooking classes, but I always prepare my recipes carefully so that the food comes out delicious” , “With care and some skill, I managed to repair the blind in the bedroom: it took me several hours, but it turned out fine. " , " At our hotel we serve guests with great care and dedication so that they have a pleasant stay . "
In general, dedication is associated with effort . If an individual does something with care, he puts all of himself to achieve his goal. On the other hand, those who do it without care, saves energy, does not sacrifice or show vigor.

Suppose a woman asks her teenage son to tidy up his room. If the young man spends three hours cleaning the room and organizing his personal belongings, it can be said that he complied with his mother's instructions with care. Conversely, if you just move around a few things and claim ten minutes later that you have finished the task , no one would indicate that you worked hard.
In addition, dedication can be linked to concentration . A journalist who writes an article carefully takes time to think through each of the words and then re-reads the text to see if he made a mistake. Whoever writes without care, unlike the aforementioned, does so in a hurry and without rereading.
In other words, we can say that dedication leads to perfection , even if it is impossible to achieve. This dedicated and committed way of getting things done and meeting obligations can make the difference between the few who achieve their goals and the many who stay on track, looking up.
Dedication is not exactly something that a human being is born with, like being a natural talent. On the contrary, it is an attitude when doing a job, it is a way of facing the activities that we can all learn. Of course, parenting influences a lot in this case: children who do not receive an education focused on responsibility and respect do not understand the importance of care in time.
The first years of life are crucial in our intellectual and emotional development, and here the most important aspects of our existence come in: it is at this stage that our personality traits are defined, although there is a genetic load with which our experiences merge. , which is why two people raised in the same household can be very different. Issues such as respect for others and a sense of responsibility should be part of the basic education of any person.

Having said all this, we can ask ourselves what leads a person to perform a task without care, being that this ensures that they do not receive positive comments or rewards for their actions . It may seem arbitrary and even more difficult to work without dedication, but for some it is the only way they know how to act, and one of the reasons may be the need to attract attention, as a "cry for help."
Those people who serve their customers poorly in stores, who take too long to complete their obligations to the point of always arriving at the last minute, or those who seem unable to get up early are clear examples of a life without care, and it is many of them are likely to repress the need to do things right.

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