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What Does caravan Mean

The Persian term kārvān derived from the French caravane , which came to our language as a caravan . The first meaning of the concept mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary refers to the set of individuals or animals that travel or move one behind the other .

For example: "Tomorrow there will be a caravan to protest the closure of the cultural center" , "We were late because a caravan of deer crossed the road" , "The US president was escorted by a caravan of security vehicles . "
In the same way, it should be noted that there is an emblematic film from the 50s that has the word in question in its title. We are referring to "Caravan of Women", which was released in 1951 and is directed by William A. Wellman.

Robert Taylor, Denise Darcel or Hope Emerson are some of the actors who lead the cast of this western that places the plot in the mid-nineteenth century. At that moment, a caravan guide is commissioned to lead a group of women who must travel from Chicago to California. That trip aims to proceed to reach a valley where only single men live who are looking for wives.
Caravan is also the name given to the succession of vehicles that move slowly and are even stopped at times due to traffic congestion : “This caravan is not moving any further! I don't know what time we will arrive at our destination ” , “ The motorcyclist tried to get out of the caravan and was hit by a truck that was moving in the opposite direction ” , “ They should widen this road: endless caravans always form ” .
Also called a caravan is the vehicle that, inside, has furniture and comforts to live in it. The caravans do not have their own mobility, but are towed by a car.
In general, a caravan is used as a temporary home for a trip. There are people who prefer to travel in a caravan and not sleep in a hotel, to name one possibility.
More and more people are making the decision to travel in a caravan because they consider that it brings with it an important series of benefits such as these:

-A significant savings in accommodation is achieved because it will not be necessary to rent a hotel or hostel room Since there is a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. All the essentials.

-In the same way, it is a saving in terms of meals, since as the caravans have a kitchen and a refrigerator, different dishes can be prepared in these without having to go to a bar, cafeteria or restaurant.

-It has the advantage that when you reach the destination you can unhook from the car in order to use it to discover the most interesting corners of the town or city.

Caravans, by geographic region, may be called mobile homes , mobile homes , trailers , Camperes or bogies . The vehicle that integrates a car with a caravan is called a motorhome or motorhome : it is a caravan with displacement capacity , without the need for a trailer.

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