What is captain?

What Does captain Mean

Captain is a term that comes from the Latin word capitanus and that allows the ranking officer to be named below the commander and superior to the lieutenant . At a general level, the concept is used to refer to the person who leads a troop, the commander of a warship and the warlord.

The captain is the most responsible of a ship before the crew, the passengers and the authorities. It is the person in charge of directing the navigation, although with the support of other people. Nowadays, thanks to telecommunications , the captain also has the collaboration of the ground staff.
Some example sentences: "The captain of the cruise ship will be tried for the oil spill as he took an unauthorized sailing route " , "Please ask the captain how long until the port" , "The sailors are very far away. I am pleased with the new captain, a simple and kind man ” .

Outside of sailing, the captain is the one who directs any crusade or project. In this sense, the term can be used as a synonym for leader : "Hundreds of NGO volunteers came to town, led by a renowned pediatrician" , "The captain of the bandits was caught a few kilometers from the scene of the events . "
In the field of sport , the captain is the one who represents the members of a team during the development of a competition . He generally acts as a spokesperson for the rest of the players and is the only one who has the right to address the referee and judges. The captain is usually identified with a ribbon or some badge.
It should be noted that in teams that play the Davis Cup tennis, unlike other sports, the captain is a coach or technical director, and not a player.
Captain Tsubasa is the name of a manga and a cartoon series of Japanese origin, created in 1981 by Yoichi Takahashi, a renowned cartoonist. It is about the life of Ozora, a virtuous soccer player who discovered his passion from a very young age. Throughout history, his path to the Japanese national team is narrated, which begins with his participation in the school team . Although the series uses many symbolic and fantastic elements, it places special emphasis on the importance of teamwork and friendship.
Another fictional character associated with the title of captain is Jack Sparrow, from the film series " Pirates of the Caribbean ", in which he is played by the acclaimed American actor Johnny Depp. The first part of the saga was published in 2003 and, given its great success, three more films have been released. On the other hand, Captain Sparrow has also starred in various children's books that narrate his adolescence, belonging to the series " Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow ".

Edward John Smith is the name of the only captain of the Titanic and he is a character as famous as he is controversial. Thanks to the blockbuster film adaptation of the tragic story, made by James Cameron, millions of viewers who did not know the details of the sinking of the ocean liner put a face on Captain Smith, and could feel his regret after the fatal accident that claimed the lives of so many people . In the movie, guilt drives him into a state of shock and he seems to lose the will to move on.
However, some versions suggest that it was not a series of absurd carelessness and inattention on the part of the captain and his crew , but that it was an authentic plot that sought to eliminate three well-defined characters who were opposed to the creation of the Federal Reserve: John Jacob Astor, Isador Strauss and Benjamin Guggenheim.

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