What is candle?

What Does candle Mean

Candela , a word with Latin origin candēla , can be used as a synonym for candle . It is an element that is produced with paraffin, wax or fat. This material, arranged in a solid state, covers a wick that lights up and allows lighting .

For example: “The power went out again: please bring a candle” , “The fire was started by a candle that fell on the carpet” , “Renzo prepared a dinner for me with candles and romantic music” .
Candles are not only used to illuminate: they are also used in various rituals and ceremonies . There are also aromatic candles that, as they are consumed, emanate a pleasant fragrance.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that in different corners of the world such as Andalusia (Spain) the term candela is used to refer to the fire that is done either in a fireplace or in an outdoor space to warm up or cook. .
Within the musical field, there is a famous song entitled "Candela, candela." This is interpreted by El Mani and comes to be some sevillanas that were published in the decade of the 90s.
Not forgetting that there are other artists who have used that word in their song titles. This would be the case, for example, of the single “Candela” by Chayanne. It appeared as a single from the album "Simply", which was released in 2000, and was composed by Erika Ender and Donato Póveda.
In the International System of Units , a basic unit that refers to luminous intensity (that is, the amount of luminous flux that a body emits per unit of solid angle) is called a candela . A candle, whose symbol is cd , is roughly equal to the brightness of a candle.
On the other hand, different plants are known as candles . One of them is the Dodonaea viscosa , a species that belongs to the family group of the Sapindáceas. Arum italicum , from the set of araceae, is also called candela .
Candela is a fairly common feminine name in several Latin American countries . Among the personalities who share this name are the actress Candela Márquez , the model Candela Ruggeri and the political leader Candela López Tagliafico .
In addition to these celebrities, we must not forget the Barcelona actress Candela Peña (1973), winner of three Goya awards for "A pistol in each hand" (2012), "Princesses" (2005) and "I give you my eyes" ( 2003). Not to mention that it has other awards such as a Fotogramas de Plata, a Gaudí Award or two Ondas Awards.
It is established that the proper name of Candela has Latin origin and means “woman who illuminates” or “luminous woman”. It should be noted that it is determined that the so-called females are strong, friendly, sincere and that they love independence. All this without overlooking either that they have an enormous capacity for effort and that they possess qualities to work as leaders.

It is even a surname (the architect Félix Candela , the soccer player Iván Candela ) and the denomination of several regions (the Mexican municipality Candela in the state of Coahuila , the Italian town Candela in the Apulia region ).

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