What is candle?

What Does candle Mean

The Latin word cereus , which refers to what is made with wax , came to our language as a candle . A candle made with wax is called a candle that is characterized by its thickness and length.

The candles are used in various ceremonies of a religious nature. This kind of use is linked to the beginnings of Christianity . Faced with persecution, Christians used to gather underground and at night. In order to facilitate the vision, they lit candles .
With the passage of time, the candles continued to be used in the churches of this religion . In any case, other peoples and cultures have also used candles for thousands of years since light is associated with happiness and various mystical or spiritual issues.

The paschal candle is known as the candle that is blessed during the Easter vigil and that is then lit on solemn occasions, such as funerals, baptisms or on Easter Sunday . The light, in fact, represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ .
For economic reasons or because of a vocation for crafts, many people choose to make their own candles at home. Although the process is not extremely complex or requires a large financial investment, it is advisable to do several tests and become familiar with the materials before embarking on making large quantities.
With regard to the materials necessary for the manufacture of candles, the list is not very extensive: paraffin wax is enough, dye of the color that we want to give the candles, the amount of wick sufficient for the number of candles that we are going to make, a deep container to hold the melted wax and a knife.
The first step is the simplest: we must melt the wax and mix it with the dye. To avoid accidents due to excess temperature, it is recommended to use the technique known as "bain marie": heat water in a pan and keep it boiling while the container with the wax is placed on it, so that the heat dissipates through the water beforehand. to get to the wax .
On the other hand, it is convenient to have a small amount of melted and properly tinted wax that we will use to submerge each wick, remove it and straighten it before it becomes too hard. The third step is to place the wicks in the molds where the wax of the future candles is still hot , leave them submerged for five seconds, remove them and keep them in the open air for two minutes until the wax dries and repeat the process until reaching the desired thickness .
Now is the time to give the candles the final touch, starting by using the knife to remove any imperfections, especially at the base (which can never be smooth without this last step). The knife is also used to cut the wick.

At first glance, this may seem very simple, but when we must coordinate the different steps with the temperature of the wax while avoiding burning or the material cooling earlier than desired, difficulties begin to appear. For this reason, it is recommended not to venture with many candles the first time, but to start with only one.
The golden candle , on the other hand, is the common name for Bergerocactus emoryi , a plant that belongs to the family group of cacti. It is a cactus native to North America that is usually about two feet high and whose flowers are yellow.
Cirio is also a name and a surname. Cirio H. Santiago was a Filipino filmmaker born in 1936 and died in 2008 . Jésica Cirio , meanwhile, is a model , actress and host of Argentine TV.

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