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What Does can Mean

The concept of can refers to tinplate . This is how it is called a sheet of steel or iron that has both sides bathed with tin.

In this case, we have to say that the etymological origin of the word is found in Latin. Specifically derived from "latta".
The container made of tinplate or aluminum is also called a can . In general, these containers are used to store different types of preserves or drinks , although paints , varnishes and other substances can also be stored .
Cans offer several advantages for the storage of food products . They are hermetic (which prevents the content from being contaminated) and very light, they protect against light and are resistant. As they are made with aluminum or tin, they can also be recycled.

The oil ; the fruits and canned fish ; and tomato sauce are some of the edibles that are marketed in cans. The carbonated beverage (known as soda or soda) and beer , meanwhile, are among the drinks are preserved and sold canned.
There are many foods for sale in cans and it is because it is considered that this way of presenting them brings advantages such as that they do not need cold, that they have a long expiration date, which allows you to eat products quickly and healthily, that take up very little space and even that weigh very little. Not to mention that it keeps food in perfect condition for a long time.
By featuring stamped logos and brands, it is easy to identify each can with the corresponding product. This decoration of the containers even makes them become a collector's item. At certain times, such as the Christmas season or during a sporting event, there are companies that release special editions of their cans.
In colloquial language, on the other hand, a talk or a dissertation that is boring or tedious and that which causes annoyance is mentioned as a nuisance. For example: "It's a pain that we have to get up so early" , "Sorry if I bothered you, maybe you were in a hurry ..." , "What a can! I'm already fed up with all this, I want to go home ” .
Precisely in relation to this meaning we have to establish that there is a well-known song that revolves around the word can. We are referring to the single “It's a can to work”, which was popularized by the voice of the singer Luis Aguilé. This song begins like this: "It is a pain to work, every day you have to get up."
Taking into account the different meanings that we have exposed that the word in question has, we can determine that terms such as tabarra, tostón, annoyance, heaviness, monserga, tin, plate or container can act as synonyms for it.

However, we cannot ignore that Lata is also a woman's name. A good example of her is the singer Lata Mangeshkar (1929). This is a singer of Indian origin who is also well known in her country for having been one of the best musical benders in Bollywood movies.

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