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What Does campus Mean

The Latin word campus , which can be translated as “plain” , is used in our language with reference to the buildings and lands that belong to a university . A campus houses the infrastructure and the different spaces of an educational establishment of this type.

For example: "During my college days I had a lot of fun on campus" , "The campus of this university is spectacular" , "A shooting on an American campus left three people dead . "
A campus is usually made up of the various faculties of the university together with libraries , cafeterias , residences for students, gyms and green spaces . The intention is that students can develop their life on campus, finding everything they need for their studies but also recreational options.

The campuses are an evolution of the medieval colleges where students studied and lived. Today you can find university campuses in many countries .
A virtual campus , on the other hand, is a digital platform that expands the academic life of a university beyond the physical space. On these campuses, students can access information about their grades and check class schedules, among other possibilities.
This would be the case, for example, of the Virtual Campus of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). In it, students have at their disposal tools and sections such as the smart university card, the virtual printer or personalized access to their grades, enrollment, subjects ...
In the field of sport , campus is called the training sessions for children and young people who practice a certain activity. It is common for these campuses to be organized by clubs that have professional teams or by famous athletes who want to transmit their teachings to the new generations.
However, we cannot forget about the so-called summer campuses either. These come to be camps that take place during the summer season. Children of different ages are the ones who become students on these campuses, which generally develop in spaces surrounded by nature. In these places, where different monitors are assisted and directed, the little ones stay in cabins with other children and carry out all kinds of educational and recreational activities.
At present, we find a great variety of summer campuses. Thus, there are those that focus on the practice of a specific sport, those that help children learn languages ​​and there are even those that revolve around cooking or dance.
The parents of these little ones should be very clear about what they like or what they should improve in order to properly choose the perfect campus.

In the world of cinema, we find various films that have the word we are dealing with in their titles. This would be the case, for example, of "Murder on campus." It is a film from 1997, directed by Bradley Wigor, which tells how a young student begins to interact with criminals who have committed several murders.

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