What is camera?

What Does camera Mean

The word camera derives from the Latin camăra , although its more remote antecedent leads to a Greek word. The term has multiple uses and meanings: one of them allows the word to be used to describe the environment or main space of a home . For example: “The man rests in his chamber” , “There were more than twenty paintings in that chamber where luxury abounded” , “A fire destroyed the main chamber of the house” .

Written with an initial capital letter ( Chamber ), on the other hand, the concept refers to a body or organism of the legislative sphere of a representative government : "The Chamber of Senators has awarded the former soccer player for his contributions to national sport" , "Incident in the Chamber of Deputies: three legislators were injured after a brawl broke out in the middle of the session ” .

In the case of Spain, we have to underline that the Senate is also known by the name of the Upper House while the Lower House is the Congress of Deputies. The two bodies that shape the Cortes Generales are a constitutional body whose members represent the Spanish people and exercise national sovereignty, control the action of the Government and have legislative power.
In the realm of royalty, it should be noted that there is a profession called valet. Specifically, this can be defined as the servant of a king who is in charge, among other things, of helping the aforementioned monarch to dress.
Chamber, likewise, is also accepted as a synonym for board , in relation to the convocation or meeting of individuals who intend to deal with a certain matter or work together: "The footwear chamber announced its rejection of the new tax announced by the Government" , "Raúl Schiaretti is the new president of the San Felipe Chamber of Commerce . "
A camera, on the other hand, is a device or device that allows images to be captured, recorded and reproduced . As are the services and technologies that includes each team can speak, therefore, of camera , television camera , film camera , etc .: "My mom gave me a new camera for the holidays" , " The cameras did not take long to arrive at the scene of the incident ” .
In the case of photographic cameras, we find a great variety of them. Among them are the compact ones, the reflexes, the APS or the digital ones that are the ones that in recent years have managed to be a real boom among the population around the world. And it is that these do not need the traditional reel but they are saving the snapshots in a memory card that allows to store a very numerous amount of them.
Likewise, it should be noted that a camera is also known precisely to all those professionals in the television field who are dedicated to using the device that gives it its name. Its function is to use it to capture everything that happens around it and thus offer the corresponding video to viewers of a program in question, be it an informative or an entertainment space.

Although we have already cited various uses, there are still many meanings to describe since, for example, the space reserved for loading inside a firearm is also called a chamber: “The police found a revolver with three bullets in it. the chamber ” , “ The pistol had no projectile in the chamber ” .
Finally, the tube can be that ring of the tires that is made of rubber and has a valve that allows injections of pressurized air: "The tube was punctured and we had to stop . "

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