What is bus?

What Does bus Mean

Bus is the colloquial or informal name of bus . This term is used to name a means of transport that can carry numerous passengers simultaneously and that performs a fixed route . In some countries, the bus or bus is known as ómnibus , micro , colectivo or guagua .

For example: "Do you know where the bus that goes to the stadium passes?" , "Fatal accident: a bus hit a tree and two passengers died" , "To get to the beach, you have to take the bus that runs along the national highway . "

There is a wide variety of buses according to the route they take or the type of motorization. There are buses that circulate within the urban area and make short routes, while others complete long-distance trips (and that link different cities or even countries). Within the larger cities, it is common for passengers to have more than one bus line at their disposal.

Starting from all this, we can establish that these are some of the most significant buses that exist:

• Articulated. As its name suggests, it is one that has two or more sections interconnected by an "articulation" that usually takes on the appearance of an accordion. It is usually about 18 meters long and has the particularity of being able to accommodate a greater number of passengers than the traditional ones.

• Minibus. It is also known by the name of minibus and its main hallmark is its size, which is smaller than that of a city bus. This circumstance is the one that causes that it cannot carry more than thirty passengers.

• Midibus. In front of the two previous types is this other model, which has an intermediate size. Specifically, it could more accurately be said that it is a little smaller than a normal one and larger than the minibus.

• Car two folds. In the United Kingdom it is where you can most see vehicles of this type on the streets, indeed, they have become one of the landmarks of the country. As its name indicates, it has two levels of height and is spreading throughout the world within the tourist field, because it helps any traveler who arrives in a city to discover the main monuments and places of interest of the same mounted on that . And it is that it allows you to obtain beautiful views and facilitates mobility in a remarkable way.
The concept of bus, on the other hand, is used in the field of computing to name the devices that allow the transfer of information between the various parts of a computer or even between different computers.
A bus, in this sense, can have integrated circuits, printed circuits, capacitors, capacitors, cables and other elements. The buses can be parallel or serial according to the way these components are arranged.

An example of a bus is USB , a universal type serial bus that is known by the acronym of Universal Serial Bus . This standard facilitates communications between different computers and electronic devices.

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