What is burst?

What Does burst Mean

Establishing the etymological origin of the term burst is something very complicated since it is uncertain, in particular, there are various theories in this regard. However, one that takes on a certain value is the one that it considers can be derived from an onomatopoeic radial such as "raff-", which expresses what violence the wind can have at a given moment.

It is known as burst to the winds of great intensity that lasts a short time and that appears suddenly. Wind involves the circulation and displacement of gases : when the wind speed increases abruptly for a short period of time, a gust is produced.
For example: "A gust knocked down the telephone antenna, which fell on the roof of a school" , "When we reached the top of the hill, the gusts of wind prevented us from walking normally" , "Yesterday, when we were on the beach , a gust caused the umbrella to fly off ” .

The intensity of the wind can cause various damages . The problem with gusts is that they cause a sudden increase in intensity, something that could take you by surprise. On the other hand, the appearance of a gust can cause the air to hit a structure with great force.
Wind is sometimes used as a synonym for gust. Therefore, it must be clear that this is a wind time that is identified with an increase in its speed for no more than twenty seconds, approximately.
In another sense, the notion of burst is used to name the number of projectiles fired from a gun fire : "The terrorist leader was gunned down by a burst of machine gun when he was about to cross the border" , "From the top window of the building, someone opened fire and unloaded a burst of machine gun on the protesters ” , “ The burst of shots destroyed the windows of the government house ” .
Finally, Ráfaga is the name of an Argentine cumbia band that was founded in 1994 and has released more than a dozen albums. The group toured Latin America , North America , and Europe .
"Blowing Strong" is the title of the first album that this band released to the market. However, the one that managed to give it the greatest success and allow its expansion to other corners of the world was the third one, which was called “Unstoppable”.
Several Gardel awards or a Latin Revelation Midem are some of the awards achieved so far by this group, which has sold more than a million records worldwide, thanks to songs such as “Pensando en ti”, “Para que baile my people ”,“ Liar ”,“ Burst of love ”or“ A beer ”.
Within the universe of the Pokemon manga, we find an ability that responds to the name of Delta Burst, which allows the character in question to radically change the weather of a place at any time they want. In particular, it can cause from sand storms to snowfalls through rains.

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