What is Burger?

What Does Burger Mean

In English it is where we can establish that the origin of the term hamburger is found. Specifically, it derives from the word “hamburuer”. This was used, for the first time, in the second half of the 19th century. Specifically, it was in the year 1884 when it was used to refer to “hamburuer steak”, which was the name for the minced meat that German immigrants from the United States, from Hamburg, ate.

The term hamburger is linked to the German city of Hamburg . This is because many of the ships that transferred immigrants to the United States left from its port . To attract Europeans, North American restaurants began to prepare meat "hamburger" or "Hamburg style" , reproducing the method of preparation that was popular in that part of Germany.
A hamburger is a kind of sandwich or pancake that is made by agglutinating minced meat . Usually other ingredients are added and it is served as a sandwich (with the meat between two pieces of bread).

The origins of the modern hamburger are unclear. Their creation usually be located in the nineteenth century , but only in the twentieth century became popular from the development of the concept of fast food or fast food . Today the hamburger is an emblem of American culture and the pillar of large chains with an international presence such as Burger King and McDonald’s .
The best-known hamburgers are made with minced beef that is mashed. The meat is shaped into a disk and, at an industrial level, other ingredients are added, such as soybeans and some binder. You can also prepare pork , chicken , fish burgers , etc.
Cheese , bacon (bacon or bacon), tomato , lettuce , onion and cucumber , for example, can be added to the hamburger . The most common seasonings are mustard , ketchup, and mayonnaise . As an accompaniment, it is customary to opt for fries (fried potatoes).
It is important to bear in mind that hamburgers are included in junk food because of their high amount of fat and because of the substances harmful to the body that are added in industrial processing. Another issue to take into account when eating hamburgers is that it is essential to ensure adequate cooking to eliminate bacteria and avoid disorders such as hemolytic uremic syndrome.
In favor of a healthier, more complete and balanced diet where the so-called junk food is not present, for some time now, what is known as vegan burgers has begun to give prominence in the market. These are prepared making use of foods that do not have an animal origin such as greens and vegetables as well as seeds, for example.

Exactly you can buy hamburgers of this type made with quinoa, with lentils, with tofu and even with seitan. However, other products such as tomatoes, pickles, bean sprouts, guacamole, lettuce, avocado and even onion tend to play a leading role in it.
It must be stated that this "healthier" version of the aforementioned food has its origin in the 80s. Apparently it was in 1982 when Greg Sams created the first VegeBurger in London, with which he achieved great success. In a few weeks.
Precisely today given the boom of that vegetable burger, there are already fast food establishments that also offer it to their customers.

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