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What Does bunker Mean

Bunker is an English term that, in its original sense, referred to the deposit of coal present in a boat. In the German language, the concept began to be used to name the place that provides protection against attack .

This last meaning is the one that the Castilian gathers in the word bunker . We understand by bunker or bunker, therefore, a kind of refuge or fortification that is used for defensive purposes.
For example: “The general believes that the enemies will reach our bunker in the next few days” , “The archaeologists were surprised to discover a hitherto unknown bunker under the center of Berlin” , “I will only leave the bunker when the danger has passed” .

The bunkers are usually developed constructions materials highly resistant. They are generally located underground or hidden to minimize the possibility of a bomb or missile hit.
Among the most famous bunkers in history, it is worth highlighting the one that came to be called the Führerbunker, which was located under the city of Berlin and whose objective was to protect the high command of the Nazi government and army during World War II.
Adolf Hitler was the one behind the decision to set up that place, which was built at a depth of about 9 meters, which interconnected with another called Vorbunker and which had spaces such as offices, conference rooms and even rooms or hall of doctors.
Moreover, in the last moments of this warlike conflict, the Führer took refuge in him from January 16, 1945. There it became known that he married Eva Braun for later, when he was clear that the end of his power, commit suicide in her company.
Currently that construction is closed and forgotten, located under what is now a square.
Although they are usually associated with the military (to be used in the middle of a war or in the face of an attack), a bunker can also be built and used by anyone from civil society. In this way, there are people who build bunkers at home to protect themselves from possible environmental catastrophes or even some possible nuclear tragedy .
This would be the case, for example, of the American actor Tom Cruise. And it is that it has been announced that he has decided to build one in his house in order to protect himself from the end of the world. Specifically, he has done it under his mansion in Beverly Hills, possibly influenced by his religion: Scientology.
And it is also that the ecclesiastical institution that supports it, which some consider a sect, has also created several bunkers in different corners away from the big cities and in the middle of nature.
Hiring a company specialized in the construction of bunkers capable of withstanding nuclear disasters not only requires an economic investment impossible for most pockets, but also entails a series of legal issues that not everyone can face. But there are many people who choose an easier path, although not always as effective: build their own bunker.

First, it is necessary to identify the type of problem that we want to combat by building a bunker: it is important to note that homemade options cannot offer us the degree of protection of a high-tech military bunker, but they are useful against certain catastrophes natural and human attacks.
One of the first alternatives to the industrial bunker consists of improvising one with already built elements , such as a warehouse or a parking lot. There are several ways to reinforce these spaces, such as by using wooden planks, earth bags, steel beams and double walls; It is not only economically accessible but also takes advantage of easily available structures and materials.
Another very popular option is the corrugated steel bunker, a material used in civil works to manufacture safe structures. It can be obtained in sheets or bars, and is capable of absorbing the impact of a vehicle. Its use became popular in the Second World War; In London, for example, the well-known Anderson Shelter (built with this same material) was distributed free of charge to protect the population, and saved the lives of thousands of people.
Los contenedores marinos que suelen verse en los puertos son también una solución relativamente económica para contar con una estructura resistente a la hora de construir un búnker. Se pueden conseguir a buen precio de segunda mano y son fáciles de transportar y modificar; por ejemplo, muchos los transforman de manera que se puedan conectar con otros contenedores. Una práctica común en este caso consiste en enterrar el búnker, ya sea cubriéndolo y creando un acceso o bien dejando su techo a la altura del suelo.
Otros usos de la noción de búnker son más simbólicos y refieren al espacio donde se reúnen los integrantes de un partido político o de otro tipo de organización: “El candidato socialista esperará los resultados de las elecciones en el búnker de su partido”, “Los militantes se congregaron en la puerta del búnker del Partido Liberal para celebrar el triunfo”.

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