What is broken?

What Does broken Mean

Roto is a conjugation of the verb break : destroy or tear a thing to pieces, separate its parts. The usual thing is that, when something breaks and, therefore, is broken, it stops working or serving .

For example: “Can I go to your house to watch the game? My television is broken ” , “ I had to go outside with my pants torn because I couldn't find another one ” , “ When we got to the hotel, I discovered that my bag was broken ” .
What is broken, ultimately, needs to be fixed or repaired to regain its original condition or functionality. Returning to the previous examples, a broken TV cannot be turned on or does not display the images correctly: that is why it must be repaired. The torn pants may need to be sewn, while the torn bag may need a patch.

Within the field of fashion, it should be noted that the ripped have experienced a notable presence in recent times. Specifically, it has become a trend to wear jeans that have some rips, slits and unstitched, in the front. And it is that in this way a modern, casual and urban look is achieved.
It is important to keep in mind that what is broken does not only refer to something that was broken in a physical or material sense. You can also mention a thing that was destroyed or damaged in a symbolic sense . That is the case of the person who claims that he has a broken heart since he quarreled with his partner. The individual in question is not indicating that he suffers from heart failure or that he has damaged the organ that we know as the heart: what he is expressing with the phrase "broken heart" is that he is suffering from his emotional problems.
Likewise, the existence of historical events that have the adjective in question in their name should not be overlooked. We are referring, for example, to the well-known “night of the broken glass”, which was a set of combined attacks that took place on the night of November 9, 1938 in Nazi Germany and targeted citizens Jews, to the synagogues and the properties of those citizens.
In the field of computing , there is talk of a broken link or a broken link when, when trying to enter a website, it is inaccessible because it is no longer available.
In the same way, we cannot forget that there is a Spanish graphic humorist known as El roto. This is a pseudonym professionally used by the Madrid cartoonist Andrés Rábago García, who has in his possession important recognitions such as the National Illustration Award in 2012, the XXXV Diario Avisos Award in 2011 or the Cálamo Extraordinario Award in 2013.
All these awards have been obtained thanks to his numerous works published in media such as "La Quaorniz", "La Estafeta Literaria", "El Independiente", "Cuadernos para el Diálogo", "On Thursday" ... All this without forgetting his vignettes and stories appeared in newspapers such as "El País", "Cambio 16" or "El Periódico de Catalunya".

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