What is briefing?

What Does briefing Mean

It is known as a briefing to an informative document that provides useful data for the development of an action. It is an Anglicism that is not accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary, although it is frequently used in various contexts.

The briefing is an instructional that serves as a starting point for a task . These reports lay the foundations to generate some type of entrepreneurship or campaign. The advertising industry , public communications , the design sector and even the military sector resort to briefing.
Take the case of an advertising agency . A company dedicated to the production of food products hires this agency to create a promotional campaign on radio and television. The advertising agency, in this way, provides instructions to its client to carry out a briefing. The company must include in the document data on its products, values, objectives, clients, competitors, etc. Once the briefing is received, the advertising agency already has the information it needs to design the campaign in question.

In addition to all the above, we have to establish the existence of three different types of briefing:

-Daily briefing . It is a kind of daily planning in which the most important tasks to be carried out are exposed. They are presented in the framework of a short meeting primarily in the early morning. In this case, we can establish that this type of briefing is the one that takes place in a police station day after day.

-Informal briefing, which can consist of a call, an email or simply a brief conversation.

- Formal briefing, which is a written document where the guidelines and specific planning of the work to be carried out within a specific project are indicated.
To be useful, the briefing must have as much information as possible, but at the same time it must be concise, without superfluous data. In the framework of a corporate meeting, for example, one of the coordinators or organizers may prepare a briefing with the topics discussed. Thus, after the meeting, there is a summary of the discussion that serves to face future work and to return to some questions in future meetings.
Within the field of marketing and advertising there is what is known as a creative briefing. It is really useful when developing from advertising campaigns to opening events through special promotions in companies. It allows you to get important ideas to undertake those actions in the best possible way, those that are most effective, and for that it must have different characteristics.
In particular, it must be brief, it is essential that it be flexible and, above all, it must be open. That is to say, it must allow new ideas to appear and be added in order to develop the best project.

In the same way, this type of briefing must contain several important sections such as the communication objective, the target, the strategy, the proposal ...

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