What is bribery?

What Does bribery Mean

The notion of bribery , in Latin American countries , is used as a synonym for bribery : the gift that is granted with the aim of obtaining a favor from an official or an authority. A bribe, therefore, is a sum of money or some object of value that is given illegally to access some type of benefit.

Bribery is a crime known as bribery . In this type of case, there are two parties that are at fault: the person who gives the bribe to bribe and the one who accepts it to do or stop doing something that corresponds to his position.
Suppose a police officer tells a motorist to stop as he is driving without a seat belt. This offense must be fined : however, to avoid the penalty, the motorist offers a bribe to the policeman. If the agent of the security force is corrupt, he will accept the money and let the motorist go without issuing the corresponding fine. On the other hand, if he is an honest man, he will refuse the bribe and complete the procedure accordingly.

It is known that in some countries corruption is much more common than in others, and one of the situations in which it can be noticed most frequently is the process of arresting a motorist by a police officer for an offense . As stated in the previous paragraph, trying to bribe an officer in a case like this is very simple and is within the reach of almost everyone, so if this practice is accepted there are not many reasons not to carry it out; Unless we really care about road safety, of course .
The mere possibility of getting out "unscathed" by means of a bribe is very tempting, especially if the amount of the fine is considerable for our pocket. And no one can be considered a monster for taking a few seconds to contemplate the idea of ​​bribing a police officer into disregarding his duties; we are human beings, flesh and blood, weak in the face of temptation.
But responsibility must always prevail, since driving a motor vehicle implies a very great potential risk, both for us and for the rest of the citizens, and paying for our faults is necessary to learn to respect the laws more.
The minister of Education of a country , on the other hand, can ask a bribe from the owner of a publishing house in exchange for awarding his company a contract to supply books to the State . For the employer, paying the bribe would imply the possibility of accessing a business that, otherwise, he would not be able to carry out. Anyway, the ethical principles indicate that the owner of the publishing house should reject the proposal and denounce the official before the Justice .

Outside of the American continent, the meanings that this term acquires are certainly different and interesting. The first of the meanings is "a woman who lives with her partner outside of marriage"; Although this is also considered a moral fault from a religious point of view, it is not so for atheists or agnostics, and therefore it is not a negative question in any context.
On the other hand, the "salary paid to the garitero to prepare the gaming tables" is also called bribery for use by customers. The garitero, for his part, can be someone who has a gambling den (a clandestine gambling house ), a player who frequents these types of places or someone who covers up criminals.

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