What is brand?

What Does brand Mean

Brand is a term that has various uses and meanings. One of the most frequent is linked to the exclusive right to use a word, phrase, image or symbol to identify a product or service .

The brand, in this case, is what identifies what is offered in the market . For example: “My favorite car brand is Renault” , “Don't you have beer from another brand? I don't like that one ” , “ My mother gave me pants from the most expensive brand because she says they are the ones with the best quality ” .
It is important to note that the brand has a value in itself, beyond the product or service in question. This means that the brand represents an image or an ideal in the mind of the consumer that exceeds the specific characteristics of the goods. Buying an Armani branded suit grants a particular status , even though another suit may have the same quality. For this reason, Armani products have a very high price, beyond their materials, clothing, etc.

Another use of the term is related to the signal on a person, animal or thing that allows it to be distinguished from another or to indicate its belonging : "All the discs that have a red mark are mine: the rest, you can take them with you" , "I just find two cows in the fields next to the stream that do not have any markings " , " The suspect is easily recognizable by a cross-shaped mark on his forehead . "
In this sense, we would have to emphasize that within the world of fiction there is a character who is well known for his brand. This is El Zorro, created by Johnston McCulley, who was a superhero who hid behind a cape and a mask to perform different actions with which to protect the poorest. The one who used his sword was always on horseback, with which, to identify that he was the perpetrator of the acts he carried out, he engraved a letter z in any element that he considered visible.
The Californian nobleman Don Diego de la Vega is the character behind the identity of that savior of the poor, who were being subjected and humiliated by the people who had reached the highest levels of power.
Likewise, within the industry, it should be noted that many products have what is known as a trademark, which is a signal that any company makes to the articles it makes so that, in this way, it is clear who has made them.
In sports , finally, a brand is a record or the best result approved in a discipline: "The Jamaican sprinter set a new record in the hundred meter dash" , "The Spanish team broke its own brand and scored thirty goals in five matches ” .
Also in relation to this sports field, it should be noted that in Spain one of the most important newspapers in this sector is called precisely "Brand". It is one of the most widely read media in the country, it is based in the capital and is considered to be related to Real Madrid football. It was founded in 1938 and since then it has been expanding, even creating its own television network.

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