What is brand new?

What Does brand new Mean

The adjective flamante comes from the Latin word flammans . The term is used to describe what looks radiant since it is freshly made or has never been used. For example: “Do you want to see my brand new car? I just bought it ” , “ I am going to wear my brand new suit at my brother's wedding ” , “ The brand new phone from the Finnish manufacturer has amazed the specialists ” .

The brand new is novel , that's why it tends to attract attention. Suppose a sportswear brand holds an event to showcase a new soccer team jersey . The journalists who attend the presentation, in their chronicles, allude to the "brand new shirt" of the team in question. In a similar vein, a man may invite his friends over to his home to watch an important boxing match since he has a "brand-new, state-of-the-art television" that he purchased days ago.

The idea of ​​brand new can also be used to qualify someone who has just assumed a position or reached a certain position : "The brand new Minister of Economy stated that reducing public spending is essential to strengthen the nation's economy" , "The actress she introduced her brand new boyfriend at the premiere of the film in which she stars ” , “ The brand new reinforcement of the Spanish team has already trained with his teammates and will be available to the coach for the next game ” .
As time passes , the brand new loses its condition. Returning to some of the previous examples, the "brand new shirt" that was presented at an event will not be able to be classified in this way three years later, just as the "brand new Minister of Economy" will not be named in that way when it has been in office for two years. The charge.
Here it is also necessary to clarify that brand new is not a completely defined adjective in terms of the quality of what it qualifies, but rather that its meaning focuses on the novelty of the object. Many times we hear that a company has presented "its brand new television" but a few days later criticism destroys it due to its technical problems and its lack of performance compared to the competition, and something similar can happen when talking about new members of a team.
The use of this and other adjectives responds to the need that human beings have to celebrate the new, the youth, those things that we know have a lot of life ahead of them. This may seem arbitrary, but deep down it is related to our fear of death, which leads us to rejoice every time a child is born or when the industry surprises us with an absolutely unexpected product.

In this context, if we look up the word brand new in a dictionary of synonyms we find others that reflect precisely this idea: new, modern, current, recent and fresh . It is everything that gives off youth and energy from its vertices, and that is why we are so excited.
When someone qualifies a creation or a person with this adjective, they can also do so to provoke the competition in some way. For example, when you say that a company has presented its brand new state-of-the-art television, you can seek to get others to react with a competitive proposal. And it is that new life always arrives to announce that the elderly have completed another stage and that they are inevitably approaching their death.
It is important to note that no one qualifies himself in this way, unless he does so in a humorous tone or if he is a very peculiar character: as with any other adjective used as a compliment , we must expect that others use it to refer to us.

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