What is box?

What Does box Mean

The concept of a box is used to name the space separated and delimited by lines that, in a publication, is used to highlight information . The boxes can be independent content with respect to the rest of the page or aggregates that complement the main article.

For example: “Have you read the deputy's statements? They are in a box in the note on investments ” , “ The editor asked me to include some boxes with statistical data in the special report ” , “ Martín told me that the events agenda was published in a box, but I did not find it in no page of the magazine ” .
The boxes do not occupy a complete page: the information they present is enclosed between the lines , in fact, to separate it from the rest of the data that appears in the same space. It is also common for the background of the box to be a different color from the rest of the page to further highlight the existence of that section.

Among the contents that are usually destined to a box, are the declarations of the protagonists, statistics , the comments of a columnist or useful data such as addresses, telephone numbers, hours, etc.
Take for example the chronicle of a soccer game . In the main note, the journalist will review the most relevant actions of the game, narrating who the authors of the goals were, which team showed a better level of play and other incidents. In different boxes, you can present the match sheet, the sayings of a player and the calendar of the next games of both teams.
We cannot ignore the fact that within the sphere of technology, specifically the Internet, the use of the box is frequently used. Specifically, it is used, for example, when developing and shaping a web page. In that case, it is used to give prominence to specific information, a quote or a summary. How do you do it? Through HTML language.
Using the code of this system, we will proceed to determine the characteristics that we want the aforementioned box to have, such as the color of the background, the width, the type of border, the space between the border and the text, the color of the text, the type of font, the space between cells, the size of the font ...
In the same way, the figure in the box can also be used when preparing a presentation with a computer program such as PowerPoint. In that case, it can be used so that the attention of those who are going to see it go directly to certain information. Hence, for example, it is used to highlight the results or conclusions of the subject that is being discussed.
In the case of word processors, the box is a kind of window in which the essential information desired is entered so that, when a person is reading the document, and hovers the mouse over a specific word or phrase, they can access to those data that have been inserted and that are considered to be really explanatory.

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