What is boutique?

What Does boutique Mean

The notion of boutique belongs to the French language but is also used in our language. The Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), in fact, includes the term in its dictionary and defines it as a fashion clothing store or select items .

In general, boutiques are small establishments that offer personalized attention . Those who go to a boutique are often willing to pay high prices for access to some products fancy or that are fashionable. It is usual that, in a city, several boutiques are concentrated in the same neighborhood, making the area a tourist place.
An apparel designer , for example, may open a boutique to offer her creations. In this case, the designer sells her products directly, without going to a distributor or another store . In the boutique you can also establish direct contact with your customers and even carry out costume fittings.

Different commercial ventures that are committed to personalized treatment and high quality are also often classified as boutiques. A boutique hotel , in this framework, is a hotel establishment that has few rooms and offers luxurious comforts to its guests. These hotels do not usually belong to chains and are often run by their own owners.
It is a relatively young concept, since it was created in the 80s. The boutique hotel not only offers an exclusive service , but also boasts a design worthy of being admired and also stands out for its location. Its emergence took place in New York City, and it wasn't until the late 1990s that this new style of hotel finally took shape.
While international hotel chains seek uniformity in all their establishments, as if they were an army of soldiers who must follow the same orders, the boutique hotel wants to stand out, offer its own style and ensure that customers do not find one treatment like anywhere else.
Regarding their location, it is normal for boutique hotels to be located in the commercial and dynamic neighborhoods of large cities, although this is not mandatory. The design and architecture are usually elegant, with frequent maintenance work so that it always looks flawless. The use of themes is also common to give an even more defined character to the establishment.
It goes without saying that the dedication put into the design of a boutique hotel is not only concentrated on the exterior of the building, but is reflected in every corner. Inside, it is common for the decoration , the characteristics of the architecture and, why not? The clothing of its employees to create a unique atmosphere, which helps define the personality of the establishment.

In a boutique hotel, the client is not a number or a mere component of the commercial relationship that he develops in order to obtain economic gains; the client should feel like a luxury guest, almost like a friend whom they welcome with open arms and should make them feel at home, but better. The service must be specialized, based on individual needs and not on a series of packages that everyone receives and to which they are forced to adapt. Not for nothing is it said that only the most demanding opt for these hotels.
Bookstores that offer vintage, specialized or limited edition books, on the other hand, can be classified as boutique bookstores . Like hotels, they are not part of large groups , but rather personal or family projects.

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