What is bodywork?

What Does bodywork Mean

The bodywork is the structure of the cars that rests on the frame and that houses the driver, passengers and cargo inside . The bodywork also contains the engine and the various mechanical parts of the vehicle.

It is important to differentiate between the different elements that make up a car. The chassis is the internal structure that functions as the "skeleton" of the car , giving it shape and strength. This chassis contains the frame , which is formed by the union of cross members and side members.
As we said above, the bodywork is developed on the frame, containing the people who travel in the vehicle and the transported load. There are self - supporting body , the tubular body and the bodies separate chassis , according to their characteristics.

According to its shape , on the other hand, one can distinguish between the sedan body , the bodies of three or five doors , the body coupe and family bodies , among others.
It should be noted that the bodies can have different volumes . In minivan bodies , there is a single volume: the boot, the cabin and the engine section are integrated. The bodies of two volumes , meanwhile, have a volume for passengers and cargo and one for the motor. In the case of three-volume bodies , a differentiation can be made between the passenger compartment, the cargo volume and the engine volume with the hood.
In addition to all the above, it is interesting to know that there are several common problems that the body of any car can present. In this case, we have to point out that among the most common are the following:

-Oxidation. This can happen to vehicles that are poorly maintained or that are continually exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. In this case we can state that oxidation can occur as a result of rain, humidity or temperature.

-The deformation of the bodywork materials is also another of the possible problems that can occur. In this case, this situation is, above all, a consequence of any collision that may have occurred.
Cracking or loss of color as well as the loss of the so-called mechanical resistance are other situations that can be experienced with respect to the bodywork.
Faced with all these problems, the owner of the vehicle will have to determine if he prefers to repair it or if he directly replaces the part that is affected. The advice of a professional will be what you should take into account to make that decision. However, it is also important that you think about how much money each of these measures is going to cost you and if you have it to cope with it.

Opting for the repair means having to face less expense as well as having the perfect vehicle in a shorter period of time.
The bodywork usually presents different accessories and ornamentation, such as the grill, the spoilers and the lights that vary according to each model .

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