What is body art?

What Does body art Mean

Body art is an expression of the English language that can be translated as "art in the body" or "body art" . It is an artistic discipline that it takes the body of the human being as support for the creation of works or as a vehicle of expression .

In general , body art is developed within the framework of a performance (an artistic action) or to record the result in videos or photographs. In its origins, many of the manifestations of this type of art were part of rituals .
One of the best known expressions of body art is body paint or "body painting" . This practice consists of applying paint on the body to make different kinds of drawings or the creation of figures.

In many aboriginal tribes, this body art was used to reflect group membership, pay tribute to the gods, or frighten enemies in battle. Currently, in the western world, body paint is developed for aesthetic purposes.
Usually it works on the naked body of the person . Many times animals and geometric figures are drawn or even clothing is simulated. This type of body art is common during carnivals, for example. It is important to note that artists must use suitable paints so as not to harm the models' health.
The tattoos , the piercings and other bodily changes can also be considered as part of the body art. In these cases, the body itself becomes the work of art.
In the same way, we cannot ignore that the term Body Art is also used to refer to a type of physical conditioning that exists and that is based on considering the individual as a whole. When we say a whole we are referring to the fact that it stands out that it mixes what is the soul, the mind and the body.
Other interesting facts about this kind of physical conditioning system are the following:

-It was created by the therapist and dancer Robert Steinbacher. He shaped it with the clear objective of finding a therapy with which to work with children with disabilities.

-Of the Body Art developed by that individual, it should be noted that it can be used by anyone to get in shape. In the same way, it is necessary to underline the fact that it is a perfect mix between Yoga, breathing techniques and physiotherapy, among other disciplines.

-With all the exercises that are carried out with this training system, what is achieved is to work all the muscles of the body at the same time.

-It is considered to be a great tool not only to be in shape but also to correct posture, have a greater awareness of your own body and release tension. Not to mention that it contributes to achieving well-being, that improves concentration and achieves a good state of health, both physically and mentally.

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