What is boat?

What Does boat Mean

Lancha is a term that comes from the Portuguese language , although its most distant etymological antecedent is found in the Malay word lánčār (which can be translated as “fast” ). A light boat that can have different characteristics is called a boat .

A motorboat can be a boat equipped with a motor or a sail and oar . They are often carried aboard large ships and boats to transport people and cargo within ports or between sites near the coast.
The so-called rescue boat , in this framework, works as a support . Typically, it is used to carry passengers from the main ship to shore or vice versa.

A collective boat , meanwhile, is intended for public transport . These boats usually provide a service with different stops along their route , as a group (bus).
At the military level there are several kinds of boats. The fast attack boats have torpedoes and missiles for the development of offensive missions. The landing craft , meanwhile, are used to transport equipment and troops from the sea to the shore.
Rubber boats or inflatable boats are often called inflatable boats . In this case, the structure of the boat is flexible and contains gas under pressure. When the boat is not inflated, it can be easily stowed and moved.
There are other meanings of boat recognized by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) that do not have to do with boats. The term can refer to a large, flat, smooth stone or a fungus that affects potatoes and other crops .

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