What is blunder?

What Does blunder Mean

A gaffe is a mistake or slip committing a person when you try to hit a ball (ball) as part of a sport or a game , but can not do so. When trying to hit the ball and not succeeding due to a miscalculation or other reason, it can be said that he screwed up.

For example: “The goalkeeper's blunder resulted in a goal for the visiting team” , “I have seen many ridiculous blunders, but none like this one” , “After committing the blunder, the player apologized to the fans of the team” .
In the same way, we cannot ignore that fumble is also used to designate the false hit that a player hits with the corresponding cue on the billiard ball.

By extension to this use in the field of sport , any carelessness, inattention or mistake is known as a blunder . Suppose that, in a science fiction movie, the special effects are poor and the viewer can notice how the spaceships are hanging by strings. In this case, someone could claim that the director has made a mistake.
The same can be indicated if, on the cover of a newspaper, a word appears with a spelling error, or if the singer of a rock band gets confused about the city when greeting the public of his concert within the framework of a tour .
Within romantic relationships, blunder is also frequently used. In this case, concrete is used to record that one of the people in the couple has done something that is not right for the other and that can shake the sentimental bond they have. An example of this would be the following: "Manuel has made a huge mistake by calling his girlfriend by the name of his ex."
Goofs can also be developed by political leaders. The candidate for president of a country can mistake the name of the capital of a province and, in this way, incur a blunder. These types of errors can be very serious for the aspirations of the individual in question, since they are exposed to criticism from the opposition.
It must also be borne in mind that in other parts of the world the term at hand is used with different meanings. Specifically, for example, in Peru it is used as a synonym for whistling, which is the action of whistling constantly and insistently.
On the other hand, in nations such as Bolivia, Chile and even Ecuador the word pifia is also used as a synonym for derision. That is, as equivalent to that mockery that is usually made publicly about the figure of a person in order to make it ridiculous and in evidence.
In the area of ​​the Internet, we find a channel that exists on the YouTube platform and that responds to the name of “Pifia en sanity”. It is a space that revolves around what role-playing games are in their entirety, both in terms of comments and new proposals.

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