What is Blood vessels?

Meaning of Blood vessels

Blood vessels are the tubes through which the blood pumped by the heart is transported . There are three types of vessels, arteries, veins and capillaries . The blood vessels in their different types are distributed throughout the body of animals, each artery carries the blood that is needed for the organs , while the veins are the ones that return the blood flow from the organs to the heart , In addition to a special function, capillaries are communicating vessels with a specific function.

The arteries have a very large load of responsibility with respect to the functions that the heart exerts on them. Oxygenated blood loaded with nutrients that each organ needs for its operation is transported through the arteries , the advance of blood rich in caloric and nutritional content is also completed with the contribution that the lungs receive of carbon dioxide through these. The arteries are the blood vessels that support the most pressure, their thick walls are designed to support large torrents of a dense flow of blood whose appearance is bright red or watery, but these through the nervous system allow them to contract and dilate to establish control parameters between arterial and rhythmic pressure .

The veins conduct the blood that goes back, so to speak, because through these the blood that leaves the organs is directed to the heart. Also the veins are the tubes through which the blood with carbon dioxide and oxygenated (from the outside) passes to the heart, the blood that passes through the veins is not returned, since these have one- way valves that contract when perceiving the most minimal and slight change in torrent direction. The (somewhat more manipulated and impure) blood from the veins has a darker color tone.

The Capillaries are blood pipes with very thin walls , which irrigate the skin tone and communicate the arteries and veins. There is also another type of blood vessel that derives from or is the root of the veins, the venules , which are responsible for recycling the blood that comes out through the capillaries.

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