What is blindness?

What Does blindness Mean

The blindness is the privation of sight . One can speak of partial blindness (when the person has poor vision or distinguishes between lights and shadows) or total blindness (the subject sees absolutely nothing and cannot distinguish any light).

All this without forgetting that there is also what is known as verbal blindness, also called alexia. It is a disease that causes the patient to have the inability to read and all this as a result of an injury that he has suffered in the brain.
A person can be blind from birth due to genetic problems . Another possibility is that you develop blindness from certain diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts. The malnutrition , the poisoning by chemical (eg methanol) and accidents can also be the cause of blindness.

In the same way, other possible causes that can lead to blindness are retinitis pigmentosa, the tumor known as retinoblastoma, obstruction of blood vessels, retrolental fibroplasia, optic neuritis and also known as lazy eye. This last cause can be said to be defined as that disease that results in the loss of vision in one eye to be able to see the details.

The aforementioned is the most frequent cause of blindness among the child population and is that it originates from the fact that during childhood the communication between the eye and the brain does not develop properly.
It is important to keep in mind that blindness can originate in different parts of the body. Glaucoma and diabetes affect the optic nerve , while old age and retinitis pigmentosa cause damage to the retina . The cortical blindness , however, is produced by brain damage.
Among the most common symptoms that can indicate that something is wrong, that sight is being lost and that this can cause blindness are the difficulty to focus on objects, seeing spots, red eyes, sudden cloudy or blurred vision , perceive bursts of blackheads or sudden pain in the eyes.
People who suffer from blindness have different tools and mechanisms that allow them to improve their quality of life. The Braille alphabet is a tactile reading and writing system designed for the blind. The guide dogs or guide dogs and canes also help when moving.
In this sense, we would have to highlight the existence of institutions that notably help those who face the loss of the primary sense of sight. Among those I would highlight the Braille Institute.
Certain types of blindness can be reversed with transplants or, at least, attenuated with the use of glasses. Specialists trust that, in the future, the use of stem cells will cure any type of blindness.
In another sense, blindness is said to hallucination or to the state of mind that obfuscates reason : "I did not know what I was doing, I was blind with jealousy and I did something crazy . "

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