What is bistro?

What Does bistro Mean

The concept of bistro is used to refer to a restaurant of French gastronomy or that reproduces the style of typical French gastronomic establishments. The term, however, is not included in the dictionary produced by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ).

In its original meaning, a bistro was a small place that mainly offered cheeses , coffee and alcoholic beverages . The notion later came to refer to cheaper French restaurants as well.
Those bistros were taverns or taverns , often with a bad reputation. Low-class people flocked to them to drink wine and eat cheaply. In general, the menu included traditional recipes of the gastronomy of France , made with fresh products.

With the growth of tourist activity as the 20th century progressed , bistros became popular with those visiting Paris and other Gallic cities. In this way, the concept was expanded as some bistros improved their service and structure to cater for tourism, while restaurants inspired by taverns but of higher quality and with higher prices were also opened .
Outside of France , it is common to use the idea of bistro to name an elegant restaurant that takes precepts of the gastronomy and decoration of that nation. Bistró Sur , for example, is a luxury restaurant designed by the renowned designer Philippe Stark (creator of gastronomic establishments, hotels and museums around the world) that operates in the Faena Hotel in the City of Buenos Aires ( Argentina ).
Specifically, we can establish that every bistro of a certain relevance and elegance must have a series of characteristics, such as the following:

-It must offer good customer service. That happens because it is polite, personalized and respectful.

-In the same way, it is established that it is also necessary for the premises to have a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere, in which all customers can truly feel at ease.

-It goes without saying that, of course, it is essential not only that the menu is careful and becomes the main business card of the restaurant but also that all the dishes are made with top quality products.

-You must have a professional team in charge, both in what is the kitchen and in customer service. They have to be trained, dedicated and competent people.
A curious fact is that perhaps the best-known television bistro in Spain is that of the series “Cuéntame”. Specifically, it is a restaurant located in the San Genaro neighborhood, where the protagonists live. The one who starts it up is none other than Paquita, Mercedes Alcántara's niece, who will make it one of the most fashionable places in the area and even one of the most advanced at a culinary level.

However, with the passage of time and for different reasons, the bistro will pass into the hands of Olga, a woman who comes to the neighborhood with her son. This, which is interpreted by Cristina Marcos, will manage to maintain the success of the restaurant.

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