What is bisexual?

What Does bisexual Mean

In order to delve into the meaning of the term bisexual, it is necessary to know, first of all, its etymological origin. In this case, we can say that it is a word that derives from Latin since it is the result of the sum of three clearly delimited components such as these:

-The prefix “bi-”, which can be translated as “two”.

-The little noun “sexus”, which is equivalent to “sex”.

-The suffix “-al”, used to indicate “relative to”.
Someone bisexual has a sexual or romantic interest in women and men.
The bisexual person
A bisexual person is one who has a romantic or sexual interest in both men and women . This means that someone bisexual has heterosexual and homosexual ties .

In other words: a bisexual man can develop relationships with women and with men, while a bisexual woman will do the same with men and women. There is no exclusive gender choice when it comes to intimacy.
Sexual orientations
Bisexuality is one of the three great sexual orientations of the human being . If an individual is attracted to members of the opposite sex, they are heterosexual . On the other hand, if he exercises his sexuality with members of the same sex, he is homosexual . In the case of bisexuals, the subject may have a heterosexual partner or a homosexual partner.
Some curious facts that exist around bisexuality are the following:
-Even in the XXI century there are people who confuse bisexuality with homosexuality and, as we have seen previously, they are different terms.
-There is an urban legend or belief that bisexuals are more sexually active than homosexuals or even heterosexuals. However, it is simply a stereotype.
-There are more women who declare themselves bisexual than men. Specifically, there is a study carried out in the United States where there were 3.6% of women who claimed to be bisexual compared to 2.3% of men. And in recent years the number of bisexuals has increased, perhaps because there is greater freedom to express it.
Bisexuality is part of sexual diversity.
-Although a bisexual person may be attracted to both a man and a woman, it does not mean that they feel the same attraction for both sexes. In other words, although you may have relationships with men and women, it is possible that you feel a greater sexual or loving attraction to a gender.

The gender identity of the bisexual individual
It is important to keep in mind that there are multiple gender identities that go beyond the biological or genital. Anyone who feels sexual interest in any human being beyond their gender or identity receives the qualification of pansexual , leaving the notion of bisexual associated with the majority orientations (heterosexual / homosexual).
According to certain currents of psychology , sexual orientation is part of a sexual continuum : a subject is not exclusively heterosexual or homosexual, but can experience different degrees of both tendencies and even change their preferences over time. This position indicates that a bisexual person can be homosexual at a time and later, heterosexual, to name one possibility.
Biologists, on the other hand, have detected that several species adopt bisexual behaviors. The killer whale , Humboldt penguins, and bonobos are some of the animals that can be bisexual.

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