What is billboard?

What Does billboard Mean

The billboard concept has several uses. It can be the poster or the set of posters announcing one or more events. For example: “Have you already seen this week's movie billboard? I would like to enjoy some comedy ” , “ The San Carlos Theater has not yet presented its summer billboard ” , “ The local authorities want to reinforce the billboard of shows with free admission ” .

Also called billboard is the structure that allows the fixing of advertisements or posters . It is a support for the dissemination of messages of public interest: "I am looking for a job, I already left my information on the billboard at the university" , "The company has a billboard next to the door so that employees can be notified about various matters of interest to you ” , “ The storm damaged the billboard next to the theater ” .

It is common for billboards to be installed on public roads to present notices or advertisements . These spaces are usually sources of various kinds of vandalism, ranging from graffiti to the destruction of structures, something that in certain cities seems impossible to control. When entering movie theaters, to cite one case, posters of the premieres are usually disseminated through a billboard.
The film is the context in which more this term is often used in everyday speech. The movies on the bill of a particular cinema, for example, are those that are currently being broadcast in its theaters, and this list can be found both on the Internet and in specialized newspapers or magazines, as well as in the company's own facilities.
The movie billboard fulfills at least two well-defined functions : on the one hand, it informs visitors (both face-to-face and virtual, or even readers of certain publications) about the films that are currently available; on the other, it also serves to promote the premieres that will take place in the following weeks.
This also leads us to think about the types of public that may consult the billboard, since there are many people who completely ignore it. Those who go to the movies only when one of their favorite movies is released usually look for release dates from sources such as the Internet or newspapers and go to the movies knowing that they will be there for their enjoyment.
But not everyone has such a structured relationship with the seventh art, and that is where the usefulness of the billboard can be appreciated. Many people prefer to be carried away by their intuition when choosing movies; For them, an attractive poster, an intriguing title or the names of their favorite actors may be reasons enough to go to the box office and buy a ticket .

With regard to premieres, both those who pass by a movie theater in the middle of a walk and those who are going to see a certain movie, finding out about the titles that will arrive in the coming weeks can represent a sufficient stimulus to decide to return; a situation like this justifies the placement of posters and demonstrates the power of advertising, without which virtually no market would sustain itself .
In newspapers and magazines , the section where information about shows and cultural activities is provided, such as the premiere of a movie or theater performances , is called billboard : “We get the information about our work to be published on the billboards of the main newspapers of the city ” , “ The editor asked me to take care of the billboard for shows ” , “ The singer denounced censorship since it does not appear on the billboard of the newspapers ” .

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