What is bibliophilia?

What Does bibliophilia Mean

Bibliophilia is the name given to the fondness for collecting books . It is the trend developed by the person who enjoys looking for and treasuring different specimens, especially those that are rare.

The individual who has a bibliophilia is referred to as a bibliophile . These subjects usually have a passion for literature , but above all for the book as an object. Its libraries, within this framework, stand out for the quantity and variety of volumes.

Whoever enjoys bibliophilia bets on finding original editions . It is also common for him to study and research the works : many times, the collection even focuses on a theme that constitutes his main field of interest.
It is often stated that bibliophilia was born between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries , with the Renaissance . Members of the monarchy and the nobility, in this framework, used to inquire about incunabula and manuscripts to add them to their compilations.
On a general level, the bibliophile is a lover of reading since he derives pleasure from the implementation of this activity. But, as we said above, he goes much further, because he is attracted to the typography of the books, the binding, the characteristics of the paper and other details.
It is important to distinguish between bibliophilia and bibliomania . While bibliophilia is an attachment to books, bibliomania is linked to the exaggerated accumulation of these printed materials. That is why there is a negative connotation in the notion of bibliomania, since the concept refers to a mania : an excessive or unhealthy attraction. The bibliophile, on the other hand, does not register this pathology .

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