What is bibliographic reference?

What Does bibliographic reference Mean

Reference , originating from the Latin refĕrens , is a term linked to the verb refer . This word is used to name the expression about something and the link or resemblance of something with another object.

Bibliographic , on the other hand, is an adjective that indicates what has to do with bibliography (the science dedicated to describing publications and referencing texts).
Therefore, it is known as a bibliographic reference to the series of information that makes it possible to identify a book or other kind of publication, or a fragment of it. The purpose is that the reader, when finding a bibliographic reference, can locate the mentioned publication in a simple way.

The data that must be included in a bibliographic reference usually appear on the cover or on the first page of the work, such as the name of the person who created the content and the publisher, the date of publication and the title. Other information can be found on the credits or rights page, with legal information and the so-called International Standard Book Number (whose acronym is ISBN) .
This ISBN we can determine that it is a marker, of a unique type, that is used for books and that currently consists of a total of thirteen digits, replacing the ten that were previously used. Ten digits that were divided into four clearly delimited blocks that referred to the country code or the language of origin in which the book was written, the publisher, the article number and finally the relevant check digit.
However, we cannot ignore the fact that in the case of newspapers or magazines, that is, periodicals of various types, instead of the aforementioned ISBN what is used to proceed with the classification is the so-called identifier ISSN. This, abbreviation of the International Standard Number of Serial Publications, is established that it must be incorporated in what is the upper right part of the cover of the fascicles that belong to the pertinent collection.
There are several ways to follow when adding a bibliographic reference to a writing. The most common includes starting with the name of the author in capital letters, continuing with the mention in italics of the title of the publication and then, successively, with the edition, place, publisher, year of publication, notes and title. collection name and number. The format would be the following:
LAST NAME OF THE AUTHOR, name. Title of the publication . Edition number. Place: publishing company, year. Number of pages (Collection; collection number). Notes. ISBN.
In the same way, and taking into account the important role that the Internet already plays in our lives when accessing any type of information, we also find the fact that the bibliographic reference of a page can also be carried out Web.

In this case, when a person is going to make clear the use of a space on the Internet, what they must include as a reference is the sum of several elements: author, title of the aforementioned web page and the date of revision or update.

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