What is bermuda?

What Does bermuda Mean

The concept of bermuda comes from the English word “Bermuda” , which derives from “Bermuda Islands” (the Bermuda Islands ). The term, also used in the singular ( bermuda ) with the same meaning, refers to pants that extend to the knee and usually fit the thighs .

The Bermuda Islands are an archipelago found in the North Atlantic Ocean . They are part of the British Overseas Territories and have Hamilton as their capital .
In this land of subtropical climate , British troops stationed there at the beginning of the 20th century used to wear shorts . Later this garment was adapted to formal dress, being used by those who did business .

Currently there are multiple types of shorts. If worn with a shirt and long stockings (socks), they can be worn in formal settings, although there are many shorts for informal settings.
Some shorts extend below the knees . Certain models are tight to the leg, but others are roomy. As for the materials, there bermuda cotton , bermuda gabardine , bermuda jean and bermuda sports (of joggings ), for example.
It is important to mention that shorts can be used by men and women . It is not a garment that is associated with one gender or another. They are also used by adults and children .
In those regions where temperatures do not stay high throughout the year, Bermuda shorts shine in the summer . When it is cold, however, they lose popularity since they leave part of the leg exposed and do not provide shelter.

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