What is benevolent?

What Does benevolent Mean

Benevolent (from Latin benevŏlens ) is one who has benevolence (goodwill towards people ). Benevolence, in turn, is associated with goodness and the quality of good .

Specifically, this Latin term is made up of two clearly delimited particles, which are the ones that give meaning to it: “bene”, which can be translated as “good”, and the verb “volo”, which is equivalent to “wanting ”.
For example: "Don Miguel is a benevolent man who always collaborates in solidarity causes" , "The truth is that the owner of the house is benevolent: he forgave us two months of debt" , "Can't you be a little more benevolent and attend those poor people? " .

The adjective, therefore, is linked to the inclination to do good . For philosophy , the good is the value that is given to an action. It is a tautological concept, with a redundant definition: what is good is what is good.
The benevolent subject tends to do good. This means that they do what is morally or ethically correct, showing empathy with others. Being benevolent, the person develops solidarity tasks, helps those who need it and is affectionate.
In addition to all the above, we must emphasize that it is considered that every benevolent person identifies himself by the fact that he is capable of putting himself in the place of another to understand why he is in a certain way, why he acts in a certain way or why has some ideas and not others.
In this way, when performing this action, the benevolent does not try to justify the person in front of him, but simply tries to understand him and see what he would do in the same situation. Hence, it can be said, therefore, that he also identifies himself as someone who is tolerant with the rest.
The fact of having empathy, of having an open point of view, of perceiving the reality that exists from different prisms or having the capacity for communication and interrelation are some of the characteristics that, according to Psychology and Religion, the person benevolent can significantly help those around you to move forward and achieve happiness.
The opposite of good, on the other hand, is evil . Both terms are defined from their opposite. If it is okay to help an elderly woman cross the street, it is because it is wrong to leave her unprotected and without assistance, which puts the woman at risk of having an accident.
It should be noted that benevolent is also something that is not as bad, negative or difficult as it could be : "The defendant's father asked the judge to be benevolent and to take into account the youth of his son" , "The tornado left a balance benevolent, with only a little damage to houses on the coast ” .
Finally, it should be noted that La Benevolente III is also a space shuttle that became one of the most important means of transport in the "Star Wars" film saga. Specifically, it was the one Baroness Omnino used to move around.

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