What is beer?

What Does beer Mean

A Celtic word came to Latin as cervesia , a term that, in turn, derived in our language into beer . Beer is an alcoholic beverage that is produced from the germination of cereal grains that are fermented in water.

Beer is generally made from barley grains , a plant that belongs to the family group of grasses. The starch of these grains is fermented in water with yeast . The liquid is then usually flavored with hops .
Beyond this brewing method, there are multiple variants when it comes to beer production. Depending on the ingredients and procedures, it is possible to obtain beer of different flavors , aromas, colors and textures. The most popular beer is yellowish, although there are also dark beers, red beers and others.

Beer is fizzy as it presents carbon dioxide, exhibiting bubbles when served in a glass or a glass. Another characteristic of beer when it is served is its foam , which can persist for more or less time according to the variety of the drink .
The alcoholic strength of beer is also variable. The most common have a graduation between 3º and 9º , although some beers can reach up to 30º .
It should be noted that numerous studies and investigations have been carried out over the years that have shown the health benefits of beer. Specifically, it is considered that it brings advantages such as the following:

-It provides the body with both calcium and vitamin B and even fiber.

-Helps women have to suffer fewer infections.

-In the same way, it is considered that it lengthens life and that it allows to have under control what is diabetes.

-It is also considered that it makes the bones healthier and stronger.

-It is also interesting to note that it reduces the chances of the person suffering from a cardiovascular disease.
Beer consumption can occur in different areas. Many times this drink is chosen to accompany food at lunch or dinner. It is also common for people who meet in a bar or pub to drink beer. It is important to bear in mind that, as with the rest of alcoholic beverages, excessive consumption is harmful to health .
In addition to everything indicated, there are a series of curiosities that are worth knowing about beer, such as the following:

-It is considered that the first to make it were the ancient Babylonians.

-The Vikings believed that in the paradise that awaited them, Valhalla, there was a giant goat that would provide them with all the beer they wanted.

-Maybe you did not know but the hops in the aforementioned drink belongs to the cannabaceae family, which is the same as marijuana.

-Among the rarest beers in the world is the camel, which is made entirely with excrement of the animal that gives it its name.

-The oldest preserved beer bottle dates from the 19th century and was found in 2010 in Finnish lands.

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