What is bedroom?

What Does bedroom Mean

The Latin word dormitorium came to Castilian as a bedroom . This is how the environment of a home that is used mainly for sleeping is called . For example: "Please go find your mother in the bedroom and tell her that the food is ready" , "Yesterday I bought a new 32-inch TV for the bedroom" , "From my bedroom window I can see the beach and the sea ” .

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom as it is used for rest . It is also common for this room to have other pieces of furniture, such as wardrobes to store clothes and bedside or night tables with some type of lamp. Many people also decide to install a television in the bedroom to watch from the bed.

Beyond its most common use linked to rest, the bedroom - also called a bedroom , room or room - is a place in the house that can be used for various activities. In it it is possible to lie down to read, watch movies, study, meditate or pray, to name a few possibilities. Even with a computer (computer), the bedroom can become a workplace.
Regarding the number of bedrooms per home, it is highly variable. There are studios without bedrooms: the bed is located in the only room of the building. There are, on the other hand, houses with two bedrooms, three bedrooms or more. In most families , when possible, one bedroom with a double bed is set aside for the parents and another one or more for the children.
The desire to have a bedroom of our own, that is, one that we should not share with another person, does not refer to a selfish attitude or a socialization problem, but refers to the need to live certain intimate experiences without being exposed. We must not forget that the discovery of one's sexuality takes place, to a large extent, in this environment of the house and it is a fundamental step in our development as human beings.
When we reach a certain age, we begin to explore our body, moved by some new sensations and in search of others. It is usually in the bedroom that we have our first sexual experiences , and that is why we need it to be a private space, where our activities do not negatively affect anyone, especially if we live with children.
The bedroom can become our personal sanctuary, where we do all our favorite activities. As mentioned above, in this room we can have our computer and a television, among many other devices and products that we need to make it cozy and able to satisfy our daily needs .

In this sense, many people decorate their bedrooms with great dedication, choosing the color and type of paint or wallpaper, floor covering, furniture and even the door, without neglecting the decorations and the arrangement of all the elements to achieve an absolutely calculated result.
Given that current technologies allow us to save a lot of physical space thanks to offering us books, movies, songs and video games in digital format, today it does not take much more than a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom to have a complete house . In fact, many students live in rental houses, where they only have exclusive access to one bedroom, and with their computer they have almost everything they need for their intellectual development .
The dreams , dream images as both the aspirations for the future are born in the bedroom. It is there where we face our traumas, our fears, but also where we visualize our ideal destiny and make plans to achieve it.

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