What is bed?

What Does bed Mean

A bed is a piece of furniture that allows humans to lie on it. It is a structure that usually has legs and boards. A mattress , one or more pillows , sheets and warm clothes are placed on the bed .

For example: “When we got married, my sister gave us the double bed” , “Stop jumping on the bed! You're going to break it " , " Under the bed I keep a bag with clothes . "
The bed is used for multiple activities. The most common are to rest and sleep . Anyway, it is also used to read, watch television , eat or have intimate relationships, to name a few possibilities.

There are beds of different materials (wood, iron) and sizes. Single beds are often called single beds . On the other hand, double beds have two places and are intended for couples: that is, they are used by two people simultaneously.
A sofa bed is a furniture that, as its name indicates, serves as both a sofa and a bed. A bunk bed , for its part, has two or more beds that are arranged vertically (one above the other). The trundle beds (a bed that is saved under another), the folding beds (can be folded and stored when not in use) and folding beds (are introduced into a cabinet or wall ) are other types of beds.
The expression "make the bed" refers to placing the sheets, blankets, bedspreads and the rest of the clothes used to dress the furniture and as a coat. In a symbolic sense, the same phrase is used in some regions when one or more people set a trap for another: "Juan made my bed and took my job when I went on vacation . "
The image of the bed as a piece of furniture can also give rise to the idea of rest , that is, it can function as a symbol that makes us think of a moment of relaxation. In everyday speech it is often said that we "crave for bed" to refer to the point of the day when we can finally lay down and rest. This can occur, for example, in the workplace, as part of a conversation between two employees in which one of them expresses to the other his fatigue and his need to get home to sleep.
As mentioned above, the bed is a space in which a wide range of activities can be carried out. It is important to clarify that some of them can be done at any age, while others are limited to certain stages of life. Children associate this piece of furniture with rest and play, as well as the moment in which their elders read them stories before going to sleep or take care of them when they are sick. Adults, on the other hand, tend to give it a sexual connotation, although this does not mean that they do not use it to sleep and, why not, to rest during a cold.

Depending on the culture , the bed is considered a very intimate place, which is not shared with anyone. If we add to this the conflicts that arise from the classification of sexuality, it is not so common to see two heterosexual people of the same sex sleeping together. However, those who leave their prejudices out of the bedroom have no problem sharing their bed with friends and loved ones, regardless of their sexuality. Let's not forget that many species of mammalian animals group together to sleep and enjoy the warmth of their companions, something that dogs and cats also do with us in a tender and pure way.

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