What is beauty?

What Does beauty Mean

Primor is a concept with various uses according to the context . It can be something that is beautiful or of great quality . For example: "The leather bag that my aunt Maria gave me is a beauty" , "Do you know Laura, Roberto's daughter? It's a real beauty ” , “ I don't think the hotel is a beauty, but at least we will have a place to spend the night safely ” .

The notion of beauty, in this sense, is used as a synonym for beauty . If a woman expresses that a dress is a "beauty" , she will be saying that it is very beautiful, either because of its design, the materials with which it was made, its colors or other characteristics.

There is a well-known song in whose lyrics appears the word primor with that meaning in what is its chorus. We are referring to the composition entitled "Popotitos", performed by the Mexican rock group Los Teen Tops and which became famous all over the world in the 1960s. In its lyrics it goes like this: "Popotitos is not a beauty, but dances that is terrifying… ”.
In the same way, it is usual that, in a colloquial way, the term primor is also used to define those people who are considered to be pleasant and charming. Thus, for example, phrases like these are often used: "Sara is a beauty, it's a pleasure to spend time with her."
Primor, on the other hand, can be the skill or aptitude to develop a certain task: “Juan completed the decoration of his new house with care” , “The artist explained each step of the creative process with great care, leaving the entire audience fascinated " , " The software was beautifully designed and is very easy to use . "
In Spain , Primor is the name of a famous chain of perfumeries created in 1953 that has more than forty stores in various regions of the national territory. It also sells its products over the Internet .
Although fragrances from the best brands are the ones that become the fundamental pillar of its catalog, it should not be overlooked that another wide variety of beauty products can be found in the stores of this firm. Specifically, it also has at the disposal of its clients from body lotions to anti-wrinkle articles, through shampoos and hair conditioners or all kinds of makeup: eye shadows, makeup bases, mascara, lipsticks, blushes ...
What's more, it even has a parapharmacy section where it has deodorants, anti-cellulites, tanning creams, acne treatments, anti-hair products, specific articles for pregnant women and babies, lubricants and other proposals in the field of sexual health, protectors. solar ...
In Argentina , there is a brand of veterinary instruments called Primor . Founded in 1928 , it produces automatic syringes, needles, and various accessories and instruments.

Primor , finally, it is also a station radius of Santiago de los Caballeros ( Dominican Republic ) transmitting on the frequency modulated ( FM ) 90.1 Mhz .

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