What is Beach?

What Does Beach Mean

Beach is a concept that comes from the late Latin plagiarism and that refers to the shoreline of the sea, a river or another large watercourse. The term is used, by extension, to name spa towns , generally in a context related to vacations that are carried out with the plan of enjoying the sea and the sun .

For example: “The beaches of Mexico are among the most beautiful in the world” , “Russia has very long beaches, but the low temperatures make bathing in the sea almost impossible” , “This year I go to the beach, and the year that comes, I will choose the mountain ” , “ My dream is to know the beaches of the Caribbean ” .

Like any geographical point that congregates a large number of people, there are a series of problems associated with beaches, ranging from anecdotal to really serious . In the first group we find a phenomenon that occurs every summer: a small number of spas usually represent the main destination of most people, which results in two or three beaches being overcrowded , while a large part of the coast is deserted.
In principle, this simply speaks of the laziness of certain individuals, who avoid by all means the effort of looking for the least crowded spa each day, or of preferences related to social status; Yet this predictable summer news headline often carries one that truly affects our planet: environmental pollution .
Year after year, regardless of their economic status or their origin, countless people seem to enjoy leaving their waste on the beaches after having enjoyed them. Food scraps, disposable diapers, cans and bottles, are some of the objects that sadly litter many of the coastal landscapes around the world every summer.
There is no justification for such behavior, nor does it seem possible to understand it; Even in the case of individuals who do not feel any kind of respect for others and for nature, do not you think, perhaps, that the garbage could be waiting for them the next day, preventing them from settling in?
The sea attracts millions of people from all over the world for different reasons and at all times of the year. Outside of tourism and summer vacations, the beach is the ideal place to practice various water sports , such as Kite Surfing, and athletes who have sufficient financial means to choose a particular destination, especially look for those beaches that meet a series of very specific requirements regarding the waves and the climate, among other issues, and that makes them especially suitable for the desired activity.

From the geographical point of view , the beach is an accident that is formed from the accumulation of unconsolidated sediments by the action of the waves . The sediments are usually sand, but there are also rocky and other beaches.
This characteristic makes the beach a dynamic geographical feature that is in permanent change. Tides, storms and erosion cycles can modify the appearance of the beach, being able to reach the point of making it disappear: "You can tell that there is high tide: there is almost no beach in this area of ​​the city" , "Global warming and rising sea levels threaten to wipe several Asian beaches off the map ” .
Finally, in some Latin American countries, different flat, wide and clear spaces are known as beaches that are destined for a specific use: "They have just opened a parking lot next to my house . "

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