What is bartender?

What Does bartender Mean

The person who is dedicated to preparing and serving drinks in a bar or other similar establishment is known as a bartender . He usually works at the local bar (the English expression barman can be translated as "bar man" ) and specializes in combining different alcoholic beverages to make cocktails .

A bartender must know the ingredients of traditional cocktails and also, having notions about the taste and alcohol content of different drinks, can create their own cocktails. Many times he also knows how to make different kinds of coffees, although the coffee expert is the barista .

Similarly, the bartender may have knowledge of wines , although the specialist in this kind of drink is the wine steward or sommelier .
The role and importance of the bartender depend on each establishment. In some bars, he acts as the site manager, so he must keep customer accounts (determine when they must pay for their drinks) and control the behavior of patrons to avoid incidents.
There are also bars that have their bartender as the main attraction since, in addition to serving and preparing drinks, this expert performs a kind of show while carrying out his task . In this way, it is common for the bartenders to throw the bottles into the air and then pick them up, or to dance while serving the cocktails.
Regarding the term bartender, the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) indicates that its plural is bartenders and suggests using it without variation in terms of gender. Therefore, if a woman is dedicated to this task, she must speak of "the bartender" .
For many teenagers, becoming a bartender can be a dream, as it is one of the first jobs they know when they begin to "leave the nest." While it can be a fun, high-income occupation, it is not for everyone. First of all, the hours are quite tough , as bartenders generally work at night; In addition, you need to be prepared to deal with aggressive and rude customers, at least after a few hours of using alcohol and other substances.
Before getting to all that, however, the number one requirement is age : this job requires having reached the age of majority, which in some countries begins at 18, while in others, at 21. For On the other hand, in some establishments a bartender title is required, which can be obtained through an official course, which varies by country.

As mentioned above, the job of a bartender requires dealing with very particular clients, or at least in states that can make it difficult to perform tasks correctly. Although the degree of security and restrictions regarding behavior depend to a large extent on the organization, which is why moments of violence can not be unleashed in all bars, alcohol consumption is a constant and can lead to various problems for those who drink it. it serves.
In addition to the behavior of drunk customers , the bartender must be prepared to identify false documents presented by minors who attempt to impersonate adults to consume alcohol , and also to assist anyone who relapses, while medical help arrives .
With regard to the preparation of drinks , practice is the best way to build self-confidence and avoid the typical accidents of beginners. It is important not to let ourselves be blocked by the shame that the latter may cause us, but to keep trying, thinking that one day we will master the technique.

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