What is barral?

What Does barral Mean

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) recognizes a meaning of barral , which is used in the Catalan territory. According to the RAE , a barral is a vessel that has two handles located on the sides .

Barrales are part of the group of jugs : containers used to keep water fresh . The usual thing is that they are made with baked clay .
In several regions, however, the notion of bar refers to a different object. Barral is called a railing or bar that serves to hold or hold something .

The rod of a curtain , in this frame, is the piece from which this cloth hangs. It can be a tube or cylinder made of wood , metal or plastic .
In Galicia , on the other hand, several places share the name of Barral . This is how a town in the municipality of Cedeira and a village in Arteijo are called , both located in La Coruña . Barral is also a village in Abadín ( Lugo province ).
Seix Barral , meanwhile, is a Barcelona publishing house created in 1911 and refounded by Víctor Seix and Carlos Barral in 1955 . This label, which is currently a member of Grupo Planeta , delivers awards such as the Seix Barral Chronicles Award and the Brief Library Award .
Finally, Pedro Barral is a basketball or basketball player born on October 20, 1994 in the province of Buenos Aires ( Argentina ). Nicknamed “Pepo” , this point guard played throughout his career for Obras Basket in his native country and for ALM Évreux Basket ( France ) and Bàsquet Girona ( Spain ).

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