What is bakery?

What Does bakery Mean

The first thing to know, before discovering the meaning of the term bakery, is its etymological origin. In this case it is necessary to know that it emanates from the verb bread, which derives from Latin, specifically it is the result of the sum of two lexical components:

-The noun “panis”, which is synonymous with “bread”.

-The verb “facere”, which can be translated as “do”.

Baking is the act and result of baking . This verb (bread), meanwhile, refers to the process that makes it possible to produce bread .
To understand the idea of ​​bread making, it is essential to know what bread is . This is the name of the food that is prepared by cooking a dough of flour, water and, usually, yeast .

Baking, in short, is what is developed to obtain bread. The establishments dedicated to the manufacture of bread, which are called bakeries , have baking as their main activity.
It is important to keep in mind that baking can be carried out in many ways. In fact, there are many types of bread that differ in their ingredients and ways of preparing them.
The artisan bakery is done manually, either at home or in small bakeries level. For this work, no machines are used when mixing and kneading.
In the same way, we cannot ignore that more and more people are encouraged to prepare their own bread at home. And that has led to an increase in demand for the so-called bakeries. These, which have appeared recently, are appliances that are exclusively intended to make homemade bread in a simple way.
These devices are usually the size of a deep fryer and are responsible for mixing, kneading, raising and finally baking the bread in question.
When buying a bakery, of course, it is important to take into account several important criteria such as the programs it includes, the capacity it has or the temperature it allows to reach.
If more and more people prepare their artisan bread, it is because it is considered that this will allow them to enjoy a series of advantages. Among them are that they know the raw materials they use, that they make it completely adjusted to their tastes or needs as well as that they are going to get bread that lasts longer in perfect condition. Not forgetting that it will have less sodium and that it will be an important source of fiber.
In contrast, industrial baking involves large-scale production. In this case, different devices are used to mix the ingredients and knead them. The cooking , meanwhile, concrete kilns large dimensions.
Any person with minimal knowledge of gastronomy, can realize a basic process of baking at home. It is enough to mix wheat flour, water and salt, for example, to achieve a dough that, once cooked, becomes bread. If yeast is included and the rising times are respected, the baking result will be a product with a fluffier texture.

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