What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Meaning of Bacterial Vaginosis

It is a minimally dangerous infection that affects the vagina , this occurs when there is a lack of control between what are the good bacteria and the bad bacteria in the vagina, causing women who suffer from itching, strong pain and sometimes a secretion somewhat disgusting odor, despite being a mild infection, if not treated correctly it can lead to other higher risk diseases , bacterial vaginosis is considered the most common infection among the young population of girls , it is believed that it is related to sexual intercourse, since as sexual activity increases, they become more likely to contract it.

Symptoms of vaginitis may include grayish-white vaginal discharge, which often has a foul odor, burning when you urinate, and severe itching on the inside and outside of the vagina.

It is very common for a large number of bacteria considered to be good to be located in the vagina, and in smaller proportions, bacteria that can be harmful. However, the use of external agents such as shampoo and vaginal deodorants can modify the balance between said bacteria. bacteria, which gives way to the development of vaginosis, having several sexual partners regardless of sexual gender , can also increase the risk of contracting it. Despite the above, experts have not yet been able to discover an exact cause for this infection, what should be made clear is that if it comes into contact with sheets, toilets or pool water, it does not there is a risk of contracting it.

Antibiotics are the most common treatment at the time of an infection of this type, in general it is necessary that the treatment be followed for prolonged periods of time in order to prevent the infection from reappearing, in cases where the patient has an active sexual life, your partner will not require treatment if it is male, if on the contrary it belongs to the female gender, treatment should be indicated.

Avoiding bacterial vaginosis is not that simple, however experts give a series of data that can greatly prevent contracting it, these are avoiding unprotected sexual intercourse, not using vaginal douches (douches), not having more than one partner sexual at the same time and do not use intimate deodorants.

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