What is backstage?

What Does backstage Mean

The idea behind the scenes comes from bambalear , a verb also referred to as wobble : to make a thing move with a back and forth (an oscillation). The concept is used in the field of theater to name the strips that, hung across the width of a stage, fix the height of the scenes and hide the upper sector of the stage in question.

In other words, the backdrops are the canvases that hang over the top of the stage . The set of all these backdrops make up, together with the curtains, a loom that is often integrated into the decoration of the scenography .

Backstage is considered to exist in theaters, cinemas, fashion catwalks, concerts or even in the circus. These, as we have mentioned, are a type of structure that is usually presented in horizontal format and that will help prevent the viewer from seeing what is happening off stage.
In the case of spaces where concerts are held, it is common, although they are not the same, that backstage and backstage are used as synonyms.
It is considered that, as a general rule, the backstage becomes the concrete space where important figures of what is the play, opera or dance show that is being carried out are found. We are referring to both the alderman and the director and even the workers and stagehands.
Beyond the specific meaning of the term backstage, its most frequent use appears in the construction of expressions such as "behind the scenes" , "behind the scenes" or "behind the scenes" . These phrases, which have their origin in the events that happen on stage and that the spectators cannot see, refer to events that take place in a confidential or secret way .
Something that happens "behind the scenes" , in this way, occurs in a hidden way or in privacy . For example: "Behind the scenes it is said that the actor is separated from his wife and that, for that reason, he is depressed" , "For a long time homosexuals had to express their love behind the scenes to avoid aggression" , "The agreement between both countries closed behind the scenes a week ago, but just now the official announcement was made . "
We precisely find ourselves with the fact that "behind the scenes" is an expression widely used among families that have several generations of actors. And it is that in this way it comes to say that the youngest growing up behind the scenes, because they were there while their parents or grandparents acted, have felt the "bug" of interpretation from an early age.
Bambalina or Bambalinas , finally, are names that identify various theater companies and groups in different countries.

In the same way, there is a company or group called Bambalinas Mágicas that specializes in carrying out extracurricular activities. We are referring to urban camps, workshops, animations ... He has more than fifteen years of experience in the sector and has a wide variety of proposals both at a cultural, sports, artistic, musical or language level.

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