What is avulsion?

What Does avulsion Mean

The first thing we have to do, before discovering the meaning of avulsion, is to know the etymological origin of that term. Specifically, we can state that it is a word that derives from Latin, exactly from “avulsio-avulsionis”. This can be translated as "extirpation" and comes, in turn, from the Latin verb "avellere", which is synonymous with "ripping something out of a group to which it belonged."
The idea of ​​avulsion is generally used when trauma causes a limb to separate from the body . On the other hand, when said separation is carried out through a surgical intervention, the notion of amputation is used .
A violent collision between two cars can cause a person to avulse one leg, to name one possibility. On the other hand, a doctor may decide to amputate the leg of a subject suffering from gangrene.
There are countries that appeal to the avulsion or amputation of the hands of criminals as punishment . These procedures, however, are not endorsed by the international community and violate human rights.
An avulsion fracture is a bone injury in which a fragment of bone is removed by the action of a tendon or ligament. An avulsion injury , meanwhile, refers to the loss of skin from abrasion.
In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as dental avulsion or dental avulsion. It is that a tooth, due to trauma, comes out of its socket. That is, that tooth proceeds to come out of the bone in which it was.
In such a situation, it is recommended to look for the tooth, not touch the root, clean it with cold water and keep it until you reach the hospital where the appropriate measures can be taken. Among the most appropriate ways to preserve it are to carry it in a glass of water or for the affected person to carry it inside their mouth, specifically, on the inside of the cheek.
Once the condition of the tooth has been checked, the doctor will take the appropriate measures to be able to get it to regain its position in the patient's mouth. That is, you will be subjected to the most appropriate treatment.
From there on, it will be necessary to carry out an exhaustive control of the healing, if infections or fistulas appear for example, if it manages to reposition itself ...
In the field of geology , avulsion is a phenomenon that consists of the very rapid withdrawal of the course of a river for the development of a new one. This happens when the slopes of the channel in question are lower compared to the slope that the same river could have in another direction.
Finally, for the law , avulsion is the increase in the surface of a property when, by the action of a force of nature, it receives a portion of the soil from another property.

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