What is authorship?

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What Does authorship Mean

It called authorship to the property or condition of the author . An author, meanwhile, is the creator or architect of something .

The authorship of a work , in this way, corresponds to the one who devised and developed it . Take the case of the book "One Hundred Years of Solitude" : it is a novel authored by Colombian Gabriel García Márquez . This means that García Márquez wrote "One Hundred Years of Solitude . "

The idea of ​​authorship can appear in any branch of art . The authorship of the painting “Las meninas” , for example, is by the Spanish Diego Velázquez , while the authorship of the sculpture “El pensador” is by the French Auguste Rodin .
In the field of music , there is also talk of authorship, although the notion can be a bit more complex or confusing. The lyrics of a song may have been written by one person and the music composed by another individual, and even the performance of the work may be performed by a third party.
Take the case of "Come Together . " The authorship is registered in the name of Paul McCartney and John Lennon , while the first recording of the song was made by The Beatles (the band that McCartney and Lennon were together with George Harrison and Ringo Starr ). Years later, "Come Together" was performed by Aerosmith , Soundgarden and Def Leppard , among other groups , who somehow made it their own by creating their version.
It is important to note that authorship is protected by copyright . Thus, the author of a work has economic and moral rights, guaranteed by law , over its creation.

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