What is augmented reality?

What Does augmented reality Mean

Social reality , national reality , objective reality , virtual reality ... theremultiple types of reality , depending on how you analyze the events and make the cut that determines what is true .

It can be said that the real is that which has authentic or true existence , unlike what belongs to the realm of imagination or fantasy. Reality, therefore, is the set of real events. Although, as we said lines above, this set can "be constituted" in different ways.

The idea of augmented reality , specifically, refers to the inclusion, in real time , of virtual elements within the physical universe . Using glasses or other special devices, a person can observe the real world with certain added elements, which appear on their lenses or screen as digital information.
We can establish the origin of this type of reality to be found in the beginning of the second half of the 20th century. And it was, specifically, in 1962 when a cinematographer named Morton Heilig created a simulator that included not only images and sound but also smells and vibrations. It was the Sensorama.
In the same way, we cannot ignore that we would have to wait until the 1990s for that term to be coined. Exactly that happened in 1992 at the hands of Tom Caudell.
Augmented reality glasses or glasses combine a camera , a screen, and different kinds of sensors . Thus, when a person directs his gaze (and glasses) towards a hotel, for example, various data that come through the Internet appear before his eyes : comments from guests about the establishment, rates, etc. This is possible since the camera captures the hotel and the augmented reality system "recognizes" it, offering linked information that is considered of interest to the user.
The concept of augmented reality, therefore, refers to an increase in the information that a human being can obtain by himself when interacting with the physical world. The system provides more data than can be registered through the senses.
Although there is still much to advance and improve, we cannot ignore that augmented reality is already being very useful in different areas of today's world. In particular, it is already present in one way or another in fields such as education, health emergency services, television, simulation, military services, prospecting, industrial applications or even tourism. Precisely in the latter case, it must be said that there are already diverse projects, applications and software that have been shaped to ensure that visitors who come to a city or a specific monument can learn endless data through augmented reality of interest about them and may even obtain useful information to move around the city in question.

Likewise, the aforementioned augmented reality is also being used in the field of architecture and even in navigation systems.

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